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{Job 1:3} His substance 4735 also was x1961 seven 7651 thousand 505 sheep, 6629 and three 7969 thousand 505 camels, 1581 and five 2568 hundred 3967 yoke 6776 of oxen, 1241 and five 2568 hundred 3967 she asses, 860 and a very 3966 great 7227 household; 5657 so that this x1931 man 376 was x1961 the greatest 1419 of all x4480 x3605 the men 1121 of the east. 6924
or, cattle, "And Abramª tookª°¹ Saraiª his wife,ª and Lotª his brother'sª son,ª and all¹ their substanceª that¹ they had gathered,ª° and the soulsª that¹ they had gottenª° in Haran;ª and they went forthª° to go²°¹ into the landª of Canaan;ª and into the landª of Canaanª they came.ª°" {Gen 12:5} + "And the landª was not¹ able to bearª° them, that they might dwellª° together:ª for¹ their substanceª was¹ great,ª so that they couldª° not¹ dwellª° together.ª" {Gen 13:6} + "[Shall] not¹ their cattleª and their substanceª and every¹ beastª of theirs [be] ours? only¹ let us consentª° unto them, and they will dwellª° with¹ us." {Gen 34:23} + "Moreover he providedª° him cities,ª and possessionsª of flocksª and herdsª in abundance:ª for¹ Godª had givenª° him substanceª veryª much.ª" {2Ch 32:29}
"So the LORDª blessedª°¹ the latter endª of Jobª more than his beginning:ª¹ for he had¹ fourteenªª thousandª sheep,ª and sixª thousandª camels,ª and a thousandª yokeª of oxen,ª and a thousandª she asses.ª" {Job 42:12} + "And he entreated²° Abram² wellª°¹ for her sake:¹ and he had¹ sheep,ª and oxen,ª and he asses,ª and menservants,ª and maidservants,ª and she asses,ª and camels.ª" {Gen 12:16} + "And the booty,ª [being] the restª of the preyª which¹ the men¹ of² warª had caught,ª° was¹ sixª hundredª thousandª and seventyª thousandª and fiveª thousandª sheep,ª ... And threescoreª and oneª thousandª asses,ª" {Num 31:32-34} + "For¹ they¹ came upª° with their cattleª and their tents,ª and they cameª°°° as²¹ grasshoppersª for multitude;ª [for] both they¹ and their camelsª were without¹ number:ª and they enteredª° into the landª to destroyª° it." {Jdg 6:5} + "And [there was] a manª in Maon,ª whose possessionsª [were] in Carmel;ª and the manª [was] veryª great,ª and he had threeª thousandª sheep,ª and a thousandª goats:ª and he was¹ shearingª°¹ his sheepª in Carmel.ª" {1Sm 25:2} + "And Meshaª kingª of Moabª was¹ a sheepmaster,ª and renderedª° unto the kingª of Israelª an hundredª thousandª lambs,ª and an hundredª thousandª rams,ª with the wool.ª" {2Kg 3:4} + "The blessingª of the LORD,ª it¹ maketh rich,ª° and he addethª° no¹ sorrowª with¹ it." {Prv 10:22}
or, husbandry, "Also he builtª° towersª in the desert,ª and diggedª° manyª wells:ª for¹ he had¹ muchª cattle,ª both in the low country,ª and in the plains:ª husbandmenª [also], and vine dressersª in the mountains,ª and in Carmel:ª for¹ he lovedª°¹ husbandry.ª" {2Ch 26:10}
"The princesª refrainedª° talking,ª and laidª° [their] handª on their mouth.ª ... The noblesª heldª° their peace,ª and their tongueª cleavedª° to the roof of their mouth.ª" {Job 29:9-10} + "I chose²° out¹ their way,ª and satª° chief,ª and dweltª° as a kingª in the army,ª as¹ one [that] comfortethª° the mourners.ª" {Job 29:25}
Heb. sons, "And [so] it was,¹ when¹ Israelª had sown,ª° that the Midianitesª came up,ª° and the Amalekites,²¹ and the childrenª of the east,ª even they came upª° against¹ them;" {Jdg 6:3} + "And the Midianitesª and the Amalekites²¹ and all¹ the childrenª of the eastª layª° along in the valleyª like grasshoppersª for multitude;ª and their camelsª [were] without¹ number,ª as the sandª by¹¹ the seaª sideª for multitude.ª" {Jdg 7:12} + "Now Zebahª and Zalmunnaª [were] in Karkor,ª and their hostsª with¹ them, about fifteenªª thousandª [men], all¹ that were leftª° of all¹¹ the hostsª of the childrenª of the east:ª for there fellª° an hundredª and twentyª thousandª menª that drewª° sword.ª" {Jdg 8:10} + "And Solomon'sª wisdomª excelled²° the wisdomª¹¹ of all¹ the childrenª of the east country,ª and all¹¹ the wisdomª of Egypt.ª" {1Kg 4:30}
of the east:
"But unto the sonsª of the concubines,ª which¹ Abrahamª had, Abrahamª gaveª° gifts,ª and sent them awayª° from¹¹ Isaacª his son,ª while he yet¹ lived,ª eastward,ª unto¹ the eastª country.ª" {Gen 25:6} + "Then Jacobª went on²° his journey,ª¹ and came²°¹ into the landª of the peopleª of the east.ª" {Gen 29:1} + "And he took upª° his parable,ª and said,ª° Balakª the kingª of Moabª hath broughtª° me from¹ Aram,ª out of the mountainsª¹ of the east,ª [saying], Come,²°¹ curseª° me Jacob,ª and come,²°¹ defyª° Israel.ª" {Num 23:7}

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