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{Esther 8:14} [So] the posts 7323 z8801 that rode y7392 z8802 upon x7392 mules 7409 [and] camels 327 went out, 3318 z8804 being hastened 926 z8794 and pressed on 1765 z8803 by the king's 4428 commandment. 1697 And the decree 1881 was given 5414 z8738 at Shushan 7800 the palace. 1002
being hastened:
"And Davidª saidª° unto Ahimelech,ª And is thereª notª here¹ under¹ thine handª spearª or¹ sword?ª for¹ I have neither¹¹ broughtª° my swordª nor¹ my weaponsª with¹ me,² because¹ the king'sª businessª requiredª° haste.ª°" {1Sm 21:8} + "Whatsoever¹¹ thy handª findethª° to do,ª° doª° [it] with thy might;ª for¹ [there is] no¹ work,ª nor device,ª nor knowledge,ª nor wisdom,ª in the grave,ª whither¹¹ thou¹ goest.ª°" {Ecc 9:10}
"[That] in those¹ days,ª when the kingª Ahasuerusª satª° on¹ the throneª of his kingdom,ª which¹ [was] in Shushanª the palace,ª" {Est 1:2} + "And let the kingª appointª° officersª in all¹ the provincesª of his kingdom,ª that they may gather togetherª°¹ all¹ the fairªª youngª virginsª unto¹ Shushanª the palace,ª to¹ the houseª of the women,ª unto¹ the custodyª of Hegeª the king'sª chamberlain,ª keeperª° of the women;ª and let their things for purificationª be givenª° [them]:" {Est 2:3} + "The postsª° went out,ª° being hastenedª° by the king'sª commandment,ª and the decreeª was givenª° in Shushanª the palace.ª And the kingª and Hamanª sat downª° to drink;ª° but the cityª Shushanª was perplexed.ª°" {Est 3:15} + "The wordsª of Nehemiahª the sonª of Hachaliah.ª And it came to pass¹ in the monthª Chisleu,ª in the twentiethª year,ª as I¹ was¹ in Shushanª the palace,ª" {Neh 1:1} + "And I sawª° in a vision;ª and it came to pass,¹ when I saw,ª° that I¹ [was] at Shushanª [in] the palace,ª which¹ [is] in the provinceª of Elam;ª and I sawª° in a vision,ª and I¹ was¹ by¹ the riverª of Ulai.ª" {Dan 8:2}

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