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{Esther 5:12} Haman 2001 said 559 z8799 moreover, x637 Yea, Esther 635 the queen 4436 did let no x3808 man come in 935 z8689 with x5973 the king 4428 unto x413 the banquet 4960 that x834 she had prepared 6213 z8804 but x3588 x518 myself; and to morrow 4279 am I x589 invited 7121 z8803 unto her also x1571 with x5973 the king. 4428
Plutarch, in his life of Artaxerxes, informs us, that none but the king's mother, and his real wife, were permitted to sit at his table; and therefore he mentions it as a condescension in that prince, that he sometimes invited his brothers. Haman, therefore, had some reason to be proud of this favour.
to morrow:
"Whilst it [is] yet¹ in his greenness,ª [and] not¹ cut down,ª° it witherethª° beforeª any¹ [other] herb.ª ... So¹ [are] the pathsª of all¹ that forgetª° God;ª and the hypocrite'sª hopeª shall perish:ª°" {Job 8:12-13} + "That¹ the triumphingª of the wickedª [is] short,ª¹ and the joyª of the hypocriteª [but] for¹ a moment?ª ... He shall fly awayª° as a dream,ª and shall not¹ be found:ª° yea, he shall be chased awayª° as a visionª of the night.ª" {Job 20:5-8} + "I have seenª° the wickedª in great power,ª and spreading²° himself¹ like a greenª bay tree.ª ... Yet he passed away,ª° and, lo,¹ he [was] not:¹ yea, I soughtª° him, but he could not¹ be found.ª°" {Psa 37:35-36} + "He goethª° afterª her straightway,ª as an oxª goethª° to¹ the slaughter,ª or as a foolª to¹ the correctionª of the stocks;ª ... Till¹ a dartª strike²° through¹ his liver;ª as a birdª hastethª° to¹ the snare,ª and knowethª° not¹ that¹ it¹ [is] for his life.ª" {Prv 7:22-23} + "Boast²° not thyself¹¹ of to morrow;ª¹ for¹ thou knowestª° not¹ what¹ a dayª may bring forth.ª°" {Prv 27:1} + "Andª take heedª° to yourselves,ª lest at any timeª yourª heartsª be overchargedª° withª surfeiting,ª andª drunkenness,ª andª caresª of this life,ª andª [so] thatª dayª comeª° uponª youª unawares.ª ... Forª asª a snareª shall it comeª° onª allª them that dwellª° onª the faceª of the¹ wholeª earth.ª" {Lke 21:34-35} + "Forª whenª they shall say,ª° Peaceª andª safety;ª thenª suddenª destructionª cometh uponª° them,ª asª travailª upon² a woman with child;ªª°¹ andª they shall²° notª escape.ª°" {1Th 5:3}

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