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{Esther 2:23} And when inquisition y1245 z8792 was made x1245 of the matter, 1697 it was found out; 4672 z8735 therefore they were both 8147 hanged 8518 z8735 on x5921 a tree: 6086 and it was written 3789 z8735 in the book 5612 of the chronicles 1697 y3117 before 6440 the king. 4428
"Then saidª° Zereshª his wifeª and all¹ his friendsª° unto him, Let a gallowsª be madeª° of fiftyª cubitsª high,ª and to morrowª speakª° thou unto the kingª that¹ Mordecaiª may be hangedª° thereon:¹ then goª° thou in merrilyª with¹ the kingª unto¹ the banquet.ª And the thingª pleasedªª° Haman;ª and he caused²° the gallowsª to be made.ª°" {Est 5:14} + "So they hangedª°¹ Hamanª on¹ the gallowsª that¹ he had preparedª° for Mordecai.ª Then was the king'sª wrathª pacified.ª°" {Est 7:10} + "Yet¹ within threeª daysª shall Pharaohª lift upª°¹ thy headª from off¹¹ thee, and shall hangª° thee on¹ a tree;ª and the birdsª shall eatª°¹ thy fleshª from off¹¹ thee." {Gen 40:19} + "But he hangedª° the chiefª baker:ª° as¹ Josephª had interpretedª° to them." {Gen 40:22} + "And if¹ a manª have committed¹ a sinª worthy¹ of² death,ª and he be to be put to death,ª° and thou hangª° him on¹ a tree:ª ... His bodyª shall not¹ remain all nightª° upon¹ the tree,ª but¹ thou shalt in any wise²° buryª° him that¹ day;ª (for¹ he that is hangedª° [is] accursedª of God;)ª that¹ thy landª be not¹ defiled,ª° which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee [for] an inheritance.ª" {Deu 21:22-23} + "And the kingª of Aiª he hangedª° on¹ a treeª until¹ eventide:ªª and as soon as the sunª was down,ª° Joshuaª commandedª° that they should take²° his carcase² downª°¹¹ from¹ the tree,ª and castª° it at¹ the enteringª of the gateª of the city,ª and raiseª° thereon¹ a greatª heapª of stones,ª [that remaineth] unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {Jsh 8:29}
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"On that¹ nightª could notª° the kingª sleep,ª and he commandedª° to bringª°¹ the bookª of recordsª of the chronicles;ªª and they were¹ readª° beforeª the king.ª ... And it was foundª° written,ª° that¹ Mordecaiª had toldª° of¹ Bigthanaª and Teresh,ª twoª of the king'sª chamberlains,ª the keepersª°¹ of the door,ª who¹ soughtª° to layª° handª on the kingª Ahasuerus.ª" {Est 6:1-2} + "Then¹ they that fearedª the LORDª spake¹ often²° oneª to¹ another:ª and the LORDª hearkened,ª° and heardª° [it], and a bookª of remembranceª was writtenª° beforeª him for them that feared²¹ the LORD,ª and that thoughtª° upon his name.ª" {Mal 3:16}

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