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{Esther 2:21} In those x1992 days, 3117 while Mordecai 4782 sat 3427 z8802 in the king's 4428 gate, 8179 two 8147 of the king's 4428 chamberlains, 5631 Bigthan 904 and Teresh, 8657 of those which kept 8104 z8802 x4480 the door, 5592 were wroth, 7107 z8804 and sought 1245 z8762 to lay 7971 z8800 hand 3027 on the king 4428 Ahasuerus. 325
"And it was foundª° written,ª° that¹ Mordecaiª had toldª° of¹ Bigthanaª and Teresh,ª twoª of the king'sª chamberlains,ª the keepersª°¹ of the door,ª who¹ soughtª° to layª° handª on the kingª Ahasuerus.ª" {Est 6:2}, Bigthana
Heb. threshold
and sought:
"And the sonsª of Rimmonª the Beerothite,ª Rechabª and Baanah,²¹ went,²°¹ and cameª° about the heatª of the dayª to¹ the houseª of Ishbosheth,ª who¹ layª° on¹ a bedª at noon.ª ... And they came¹ thither²°¹ into¹ the midstª of the house,ª [as though] they would have fetchedª° wheat;ª and they smoteª° him under¹ the fifthª [rib]: and Rechabª and Baanahª his brotherª escaped.ª°" {2Sm 4:5-6} + "And Davidª saidª° to¹ Abishai,ª and to¹ all¹ his servants,ª Behold,¹ my son,ª which¹ came forthª° of my bowels,ª¹ seekethª°¹ my life:ª how much more¹¹ now¹ [may this] Benjamiteª [do it]? let him alone,²°¹ and let him curse;ª° for¹ the LORDª hath biddenª° him." {2Sm 16:11} + "And Nadabª the sonª of Jeroboamª began to reignª° over¹ Israelª in the secondª yearª of Asaª kingª of Judah,ª and reignedª° over¹ Israelª two² years.ª ... And Baashaª the sonª of Ahijah,ª of the houseª of Issachar,ª conspiredª° against¹ him; and Baashaª smoteª° him at Gibbethon,ª which¹ [belonged] to the Philistines;ª for Nadabª and all¹ Israelª laid siegeª° to¹ Gibbethon.ª" {1Kg 15:25-27} + "And his servantª Zimri,ª captainª of halfª [his] chariots,ª conspiredª° against¹ him, as he¹ was in Tirzah,ª drinkingª° himself drunkª in the houseª of Arzaª steward¹ of [his] houseª in Tirzah.ª" {1Kg 16:9} + "And it came to pass,¹ when Joramª sawª°¹ Jehu,ª that he said,ª° [Is it] peace,ª Jehu?ª And he answered,ª° What¹ peace,ª so long asª the whoredomsª of thy motherª Jezebelª and her witchcraftsª [are so] many?ª ... And Jehuª drew a bowª with his fullª° strength,ª and smoteª°¹ Jehoramª between¹ his arms,ª and the arrowª went outª° at his heart,ª¹ and he sunk downª° in his chariot.ª" {2Kg 9:22-24} + "And his servantsª arose,ª° and madeª° a conspiracy,ª and slewª°¹ Joashª in the houseª of Millo,ª°² which goeth downª° to Silla.ª" {2Kg 12:20} + "And the servantsª of Amonª conspiredª° against¹ him, and slewª°¹ the kingª in his own house.ª" {2Kg 21:23} + "[It is he] that givethª° salvationª unto kings:ª who deliverethª°¹ Davidª his servantª from the hurtfulª sword.ª¹" {Psa 144:10}

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