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{Esther 2:17} And the king 4428 loved 157 z8799 x853 Esther 635 above all x4480 x3605 the women, 802 and she obtained 5375 z8799 grace 2580 and favour 2617 in his sight 6440 more than all x4480 x3605 the virgins; 1330 so that he set 7760 z8799 the royal 4438 crown 3804 upon her head, 7218 and made her queen 4427 z8686 instead x8478 of Vashti. 2060
or, kindness
in his sight:
Heb. before him
so that he set:
"For¹ if¹ thou altogether²° holdest thy peaceª° at this¹ time,ª [then] shall there enlargementª and deliveranceª ariseª° to the Jewsª from another² place;ª¹¹ but thou¹ and thy father'sª houseª shall be destroyed:ª° and who¹ knowethª° whether¹ thou art comeª° to the kingdomª for [such] a timeª as this?¹" {Est 4:14} + "He raiseth upª° the poorª out of the dust,ª¹ [and] lifteth upª° the beggarª from the dunghill,ª¹ to setª° [them] among¹ princes,ª and to make them inheritª° the throneª of glory:ª for¹ the pillarsª of the earthª [are] the LORD'S,ª and he hath setª° the worldª upon¹ them." {1Sm 2:8} + "For¹ promotionª°°² [cometh] neither¹ from the east,ª¹ nor from the west,ª¹ nor¹ from the south.ª¹ ... But¹ Godª [is] the judge:ª° he putteth downª° one,¹ and setteth¹ up²° another.¹" {Psa 75:6-7} + "He raiseth upª° the poorª out of the dust,ª¹ [and] liftethª° the needyª out of the dunghill;ª¹ ... That he may setª° [him] with¹ princes,ª [even] with¹ the princesª of his people.ª" {Psa 113:7-8} + "And all¹ the treesª of the fieldª shall knowª° that¹ I¹ the LORDª have brought downª° the highª tree,ª have exaltedª° the lowª tree,ª have dried²° up¹ the greenª tree,ª and have made the dryª treeª to flourish:ª° I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° and have doneª° [it]." {Ezk 17:24} + "Forª he hath regardedª°² the¹ low estateª of his²¹ handmaiden:ª for,ª behold,ª° fromª henceforthª allª generationsª shall call²° me² blessed.ª°¹ ... He hath put downª° the mightyª fromª [their] seats,ª andª exaltedª° them of low degree.ª" {Lke 1:48-52}; Bishop Patrick observes, that those who suggest that Esther committed a great sin to come at the dignity of queen of Persia, do not consider the custom of those times and countries. Every one that the king took to his bed was married to him, and was his wife of a lower rank, as Hagar was to Abraham.

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