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{Esther 2:14} In the evening 6153 she x1931 went, 935 z8802 and on the morrow 1242 she x1931 returned 7725 z8802 into x413 the second 8145 house 1004 of the women, 802 to x413 the custody 3027 of Shaashgaz, 8190 the king's 4428 chamberlain, 5631 which kept 8104 z8802 the concubines: 6370 she came in 935 z8799 unto x413 the king 4428 no x3808 more, x5750 except x3588 x518 the king 4428 delighted 2654 z8804 in her, and that she were called 7121 z8738 by name. 8034
"All¹ the king'sª servants,ª and the peopleª of the king'sª provinces,ª do know,ª° that¹ whosoever,¹¹ whether¹ manª or woman,ª shall comeª° unto¹ the kingª into¹ the innerª court,ª who¹ is not¹ called,ª° [there is] oneª lawª of his to put [him] to death,ª° exceptª such to whom¹¹ the kingª shall hold outª°¹ the goldenª sceptre,ª that he may live:ª° but I¹ have not¹ been calledª° to come inª° unto¹ the kingª these¹ thirtyª days.ª" {Est 4:11} + "And the young manª deferredª° not¹ to doª° the thing,ª because¹ he had delightª° in Jacob'sª daughter:ª and he¹ [was] more honourableª° than all¹¹ the houseª of his father.ª" {Gen 34:19} + "And it shall be,¹ if¹ thou have no delightª°¹ in her, then thou shalt let her goª° whither she will;ª but thou shalt not¹ sell²° her at allª° for money,ª thou shalt not¹ make merchandiseª° of her, becauseª¹ thou hast humbledª° her." {Deu 21:14} + "Thou shalt no¹ more¹ be termedª° Forsaken;ª° neither¹ shall thy landª any more¹ be termedª° Desolate:ª but¹ thou shalt be calledª° Hephzibah,ª and thy landª Beulah:ª° for¹ the LORDª delightethª° in thee, and thy landª shall be married.ª° ... For¹ [as] a young manª marriethª° a virgin,ª [so] shall thy sonsª marryª° thee: and [as] the bridegroomª rejoicethª over¹ the bride,ª [so] shall thy Godª rejoiceª° over¹ thee." {Isa 62:4-5}
she were called:
"But now¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª that createdª° thee, O Jacob,ª and he that formedª° thee, O Israel,ª Fearª° not:¹ for¹ I have redeemedª° thee, I have calledª° [thee] by thy name;ª thou¹ [art] mine." {Isa 43:1} + "For Jacobª my servant's² sake,¹¹ and Israelª mine elect,ª I have even calledª° thee by thy name:ª I have surnamedª° thee, though thou hast not¹ knownª° me." {Isa 45:4}

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