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{Esther 2:12} Now when every maid's 5291 turn 8447 was come 5060 z8687 to go in 935 z8800 to x413 king 4428 Ahasuerus, 325 after y7093 that x4480 x7093 she had been x1961 twelve 8147 6240 months, 2320 according to the manner 1881 of the women, 802 (for x3588 so x3651 were the days 3117 of their purifications 4795 accomplished, 4390 z8799 [to wit], six 8337 months 2320 with oil 8081 of myrrh, 4753 and six 8337 months 2320 with sweet odours, 1314 and with [other] things for the purifying 8562 of the women;) 802
am 3546, bc 458
to go in:
"That every oneª of youª should knowª° how to possessª° hisª vesselª inª sanctificationª andª honour;ª ... Notª inª the lustª of concupiscence,ª evenª asª the¹ Gentilesª which² knowª° notª God:ª" {1Th 4:4-5}
six months:
"I have perfumedª° my bedª with myrrh,ª aloes,ª and cinnamon.ª" {Prv 7:17} + "Who¹ [is] this¹ that comethª° out of¹ the wildernessª like pillarsª of smoke,ª perfumedª° with myrrhª and frankincense,ª with all¹¹ powdersª of the merchant?ª°" {Sgs 3:6} + "And thou wentestª° to the kingª with ointment,ª and didst increaseª° thy perfumes,ª and didst sendª° thy messengersª far off,ª¹¹ and didst debaseª° [thyself even] unto¹ hell.ª" {Isa 57:9} + "And,ª behold,ª° a womanª inª the¹ city,ª whichª wasª° a sinner,ª when she knewª° thatª [Jesus] sat at meatª° inª the¹ Pharisee'sª house,ª broughtª° an alabaster boxª of ointment,ª ... Andª stoodª° atª hisª feetª behindª [him] weeping,ª° and beganª° to washª° hisª feetª with tears,ª andª did wipeª° [them] with the¹ hairsª of her²¹ head,ª andª kissedª° hisª feet,ª andª anointedª° [them] with the¹ ointment.ª" {Lke 7:37-38}

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