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{Esther 2:11} And Mordecai 4782 walked 1980 z8693 every day 3117 x3605 before 6440 the court 2691 of the women's 802 house, 1004 to know 3045 z8800 x853 how Esther 635 did, 7965 and what x4100 should become 6213 z8735 of her.
The apartments of the women are accounted so inviolable, that it is even a crime to enquire what passes within their walls. A man, says Chardin, may walk a hundred days, one after the other, by the house where the women are, and yet know no more what is done there than at the farther end of Tartary. This sufficiently explains the conduct of Mordecai.
"Then thus¹ cameª° [every] maidenª unto¹ the king;ª¹ whatsoever¹¹ she desiredª° was givenª° her to goª° with¹ her out of the houseª¹ of the womenª unto¹ the king'sª house.ª ... In the eveningª she¹ went,ª° and on the morrowª she¹ returnedª° into¹ the secondª houseª of the women,ª to¹ the custodyª of Shaashgaz,ª the king'sª chamberlain,ª which keptª° the concubines:ª she came inª° unto¹ the kingª no¹ more,¹ except¹¹ the kingª delightedª° in her, and that she were calledª° by name.ª" {Est 2:13-14}
how Esther did:
Heb. the peace of Esther, "And he saidª° to him, Go,²°¹ I pray thee,¹ seeª° whether¹ it be wellª with thy brethren,ª and wellª with the flocks;ª and bringª° me wordª again.²° So he sentª° him out of the valeª¹ of Hebron,ª and he cameª° to Shechem.ª" {Gen 37:14} + "And carryª° these¹ tenª cheesesªª unto the captainª of [their] thousand,ª and look²° how¹ thy brethrenª fare,ª and takeª° their pledge.ª" {1Sm 17:18} + "Andª someª daysª afterª Paul²¹ saidª° untoª Barnabas,ª² Let us go againª°¹ and visitª° ourª brethrenª inª everyª cityª whereªª we have preachedª° the¹ wordª of the¹ Lord,ª [and see] howª they do.ª°" {Act 15:36}

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