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{Esther 2:7} And he brought up 539 z8802 x1961 x853 Hadassah, 1919 that x1931 [is], Esther, 635 his uncle's 1730 daughter: 1323 for x3588 she had neither x369 father 1 nor mother, 517 and the maid 5291 [was] fair 3303 8389 and beautiful; 2896 4758 whom Mordecai, 4782 when her father 1 and mother 517 were dead, 4194 took 3947 z8804 for his own daughter. 1323
brought up:
Heb. nourished, "And,ª ye fathers,ª provoke²° not² your² children² to wrath:ª°¹¹¹ butª bring²° them² upª°¹ inª the nurtureª andª admonitionª of the Lord.ª" {Eph 6:4}
"Now among these were¹ of the childrenª¹ of Judah,ª Daniel,ª Hananiah,ª Mishael,ª and Azariah:ª ... Unto whom the princeª of the eunuchsª gaveª° names:ª for he gaveª° unto Danielª [the name] of Belteshazzar;ª and to Hananiah,ª of Shadrach;ª and to Mishael,ª of Meshach;ª and to Azariah,ª of Abednego.ª" {Dan 1:6-7}
his uncle's:
"Now when the turnª of Esther,ª the daughterª of Abihailª the uncleª of Mordecai,ª who¹ had takenª° her for his daughter,ª was comeª° to go inª° unto¹ the king,ª she requiredª° nothingª¹ but¹¹¹ what¹ Hegaiª the king'sª chamberlain,ª the keeperª° of the women,ª appointed.ª° And Estherª obtainedª°¹ favourª in the sightª of all¹ them that lookedª° upon her." {Est 2:15} + "Behold,¹ Hanameelª the sonª of Shallumª thine uncleª shall comeª° unto¹ thee, saying,ª° Buyª° thee¹ my fieldª that¹ [is] in Anathoth:ª for¹ the rightª of redemptionª [is] thine to buyª° [it]. ... And I gaveª°¹ the evidenceª of the purchaseª unto¹ Baruchª the sonª of Neriah,ª the sonª of Maaseiah,ª in the sightª of Hanameelª mine uncle'sª [son], and in the presenceª of the witnessesª that subscribedª° the bookª of the purchase,ª beforeª all¹ the Jewsª that satª° in the courtª of the prison.ª" {Jer 32:7-12}
fair and beautiful:
Heb. fair of form and good of countenance, "To bringª°¹ Vashtiª the queenª beforeª the kingª with the crownª royal,ª to shewª° the peopleª and the princesª¹ her beauty:ª for¹ she¹ [was] fairª to look on.ª" {Est 1:11}
"And now¹ thy twoª sons,ª Ephraimª and Manasseh,ª which were bornª° unto thee in the landª of Egyptª beforeª I cameª° unto¹ thee into Egypt,ª [are] mine; as Reubenª and Simeon,ª they shall be¹ mine." {Gen 48:5} + "Andª will beª°² a¹ Fatherª unto you,ª andª yeª shall beª°¹ myª sonsª² andª daughters,ª saithª° the Lordª Almighty.ª" {2Co 6:18} + "Behold,ª° what mannerª of loveª the¹ Fatherª hath bestowedª° upon us,ª thatª we should be calledª° the sonsª of God:ª thereforeªª the¹ worldª knowethª° usª not,ª becauseª it knewª° himª not.ª" {1Jn 3:1}

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