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{Esther 2:3} And let the king 4428 appoint 6485 z8686 officers 6496 in all x3605 the provinces 4082 of his kingdom, 4438 that they may gather together 6908 z8799 x853 all x3605 the fair 2896 4758 young 5291 virgins 1330 unto x413 Shushan 7800 the palace, 1002 to x413 the house 1004 of the women, 802 unto x413 the custody 3027 of Hege 1896 the king's 4428 chamberlain, 5631 keeper 8104 z8802 of the women; 802 and let their things for purification 8562 be given 5414 z8800 [them]:
in all the provinces:
"Now it came to pass¹ in the daysª of Ahasuerus,ª (this¹ [is] Ahasuerusª which reigned,ª° from Indiaª¹ even unto¹ Ethiopia,ª [over] an hundredª and sevenª and twentyª provinces:)ª ... [That] in those¹ days,ª when the kingª Ahasuerusª satª° on¹ the throneª of his kingdom,ª which¹ [was] in Shushanª the palace,ª" {Est 1:1-2}
that they may gather:
This was the usual way in which the harem, or seraglio, was furnished; the finest women in the land, whether of high or low birth, were sought out and brought to the harem. They all became the king's concubines; but one was raised as chief wife, or sultana, to the throne; and her issue was especially entitled to inherit.
the custody:
Heb. the hand
"So it came to pass,¹ when the king'sª commandmentª and his decreeª was heard,ª° and when manyª maidensª were gathered togetherª° unto¹ Shushanª the palace,ª to¹ the custodyª of Hegai,ª that Estherª was broughtª° also unto¹ the king'sª house,ª to¹ the custodyª of Hegai,ª keeperª° of the women.ª" {Est 2:8}, Hegai
the king's chamberlain:
Saris hammelech, "the king's eunuch:" so the LXX, Vulgate, Targum, and Syriac.
their things:
"Now when every maid'sª turnª was comeª° to go inª° to¹ kingª Ahasuerus,ª after² that¹¹ she had been¹ twelveªª months,ª according to the mannerª of the women,ª (for¹ so¹ were the daysª of their purificationsª accomplished,ª° [to wit], sixª monthsª with oilª of myrrh,ª and sixª monthsª with sweet odours,ª and with [other] things for the purifyingª of the women;)ª ... In the eveningª she¹ went,ª° and on the morrowª she¹ returnedª° into¹ the secondª houseª of the women,ª to¹ the custodyª of Shaashgaz,ª the king'sª chamberlain,ª which keptª° the concubines:ª she came inª° unto¹ the kingª no¹ more,¹ except¹¹ the kingª delightedª° in her, and that she were calledª° by name.ª" {Est 2:12-14} + "In that¹ dayª the Lordª will take awayª°¹ the braveryª of [their] tinkling ornamentsª [about their feet], and [their] cauls,ª and [their] round tires¹ like the moon,² ... The glasses,ª and the fine linen,ª and the hoods,ª and the vails.ª" {Isa 3:18-23}

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