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{Esther 1:19} If x518 it please 2895 z8804 x5921 the king, 4428 let there go 3318 z8799 a royal 4438 commandment 1697 from x4480 x6440 him, y6440 and let it be written 3789 z8735 among the laws 1881 of the Persians 6539 and the Medes, 4074 that it be not x3808 altered, 5674 z8799 That x834 Vashti 2060 come 935 z8799 no x3808 more before 6440 king 4428 Ahasuerus; 325 and let the king 4428 give 5414 z8799 her royal estate 4438 unto another 7468 that is better 2896 than x4480 she.
it please the king:
Heb. it be good with the king, "And the sayingª pleasedªª° the kingª and the princes;ª and the kingª didª° according to the wordª of Memucan:ª" {Est 1:21} + "If¹ it pleaseª°¹ the king,ª let it be writtenª° that they may be destroyed:ª° and I will payª° tenª thousandª talentsª of silverª to¹ the handsª of those that have the chargeª° of the business,ª to bringª° [it] into¹ the king'sª treasuries.ª" {Est 3:9} + "And said,ª° If¹ it please²¹¹ the king,ª and if¹ I have foundª° favourª in his sight,ª and the thingª [seem] rightª° beforeª the king,ª and I¹ [be] pleasing²¹ in his eyes,ª let it be writtenª° to reverseª°¹ the lettersª devisedª by Hamanª the sonª of Hammedathaª the Agagite,ª which¹ he wroteª° to destroyª°¹ the Jewsª which¹ [are] in all¹ the king'sª provinces:ª" {Est 8:5}
from him:
Heb. from before him
it be not altered:
Heb. it pass not away, "Writeª° ye¹ also for¹ the Jews,ª as it likethª¹ you,² in the king'sª name,ª and sealª° [it] with the king'sª ring:ª for¹ the writingª which¹ is writtenª° in the king'sª name,ª and sealedª° with the king'sª ring,ª may no¹ man reverse.ª°" {Est 8:8} + "Now,ª O king,ª establishª° the decree,ª and signª° the writing,ª that¹ it be notª changed,ª° according to the lawª of the Medesª and Persians,ª which¹ alterethª° not.ª ... Thenª theseª menª assembledª° untoª the king,ª and saidª° unto the king,ª Know,ª° O king,ª that¹ the lawª of the Medesª and Persiansª [is], That¹ noª¹ decreeª nor statuteª which¹ the kingª establishethª° may be changed.ª°" {Dan 6:8-15} + "And aª stoneª was brought,ª° and laidª° uponª the mouthª of the den;ª and the kingª sealedª° it with his own signet,ª and with the signetª of his lords;ª that¹ the purposeª might notª be changedª° concerning Daniel.ª" {Dan 6:17}; Let it be inserted among the permanent laws, and be made a part of the constitution of the empire. The Persians seem to have affected such a degree of wisdom in the construction of their laws, that they never could be amended, and should never be repealed; and this formed the ground of the saying, "The laws of the Medes and Persians that change not."
Heb. her companion
that is better:
"And Samuelª saidª° unto¹ him, The LORDª hath rentª°¹ the kingdomª of Israelª from¹¹ thee this day,ª and hath givenª° it to a neighbourª of thine, [that is] betterª than¹ thou." {1Sm 15:28} + "And all¹ Israelª heardª° of¹ the judgmentª which¹ the kingª had judged;ª° and they fearedª°¹¹ the king:²¹ for¹ they sawª° that¹ the wisdomª of Godª [was] in him,ª to doª° judgment.ª" {1Kg 3:28}

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