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{Esther 1:1} Now it came to pass x1961 in the days 3117 of Ahasuerus, 325 (this x1931 [is] Ahasuerus 325 which reigned, 4427 z8802 from India 1912 x4480 even unto x5704 Ethiopia, 3568 [over] an hundred 3967 and seven 7651 and twenty 6242 provinces:) 4082
Prideaux has shewn satisfactorily that Ahasuerus was the Artaxerxes Longimanus of the Greeks, agreeably to the Septuagint and Josephus. See note on "And the eldersª° of the Jewsª builded,ª° and they prosperedª° through the prophesyingª of Haggaiª the prophetª and Zechariahª the sonª of Iddo.ª And they builded,ª° and finishedª° [it], accordingª to the commandmentª of the Godª of Israel,ª and according to¹ the commandmentª of Cyrus,ª and Darius,ª and Artaxerxesª kingª of Persia.ª" {Ezr 6:14} + "And in the reignª of Ahasuerus,ª in the beginningª of his reign,ª wroteª° they [unto him] an accusationª against¹ the inhabitantsª° of Judahª and Jerusalem.ª" {Ezr 4:6} + "In the firstª yearª of Dariusª the sonª of Ahasuerus,ª of the seedª¹ of the Medes,ª which¹ was made kingª° over¹ the realmª of the Chaldeans;ª" {Dan 9:1}
from India:
"Then were the king'sª scribesª° calledª° at that¹ timeª in the thirdª month,ª that¹ [is], the monthª Sivan,ª on the threeª and twentiethª [day] thereof; and it was writtenª° according to all¹ that¹ Mordecaiª commandedª° unto¹ the Jews,ª and to¹ the lieutenants,ª and the deputiesª and rulersª of the provincesª which¹ [are] from Indiaª¹ unto¹ Ethiopia,ª an hundredª twentyª and sevenª provinces,ª unto every provinceª according to the writingª thereof, and unto every peopleª after their language,ª and to¹ the Jewsª according to their writing,ª and according to their language.ª" {Est 8:9} + "Woeª to the landª shadowingª with wings,ª which¹ [is] beyondª¹ the riversª of Ethiopia:ª" {Isa 18:1} + "And he heardª° sayª° concerning¹ Tirhakahª kingª of Ethiopia,ª He is come forthª° to make warª° with¹ thee. And when he heardª° [it], he sentª° messengersª to¹ Hezekiah,ª saying,ª°" {Isa 37:9}
an hundred:
"It pleasedªª° Dariusª to setª° overª the kingdomª an hundredª and twentyª princes,ª which¹ should beª° over the wholeª kingdom;ª" {Dan 6:1}

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