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{Nehemiah 2:6} And the king 4428 said 559 z8799 unto me, (the queen 7694 also sitting 3427 z8802 by x681 him,) y681 For x5704 how long x4970 shall thy journey 4109 be? x1961 and when x4970 wilt thou return? 7725 z8799 So it pleased 3190 6440 z8799 the king 4428 to send 7971 z8799 me; and I set 5414 z8799 him a time. 2165
the queen:
Heb. the wife, It was probably Esther who was present at this time, and who seconded Nehemiah's request.
So it pleased:
"Then the kingª saidª° unto me, For¹ what¹¹ dost thou¹ make request?ª° So I prayedª° to¹ the Godª of heaven.ª" {Neh 2:4} + "O Lord,ª I beseechª thee, let now¹ thine earª be¹ attentiveª to¹ the prayerª of thy servant,ª and to¹ the prayerª of thy servants,ª who desireª to fearª°¹ thy name:ª and prosper,ª° I pray¹ thee, thy servantª this day,ª and grantª° him mercyª in the sightª of this¹ man.ª For I¹ was¹ the king'sª cupbearer.²°¹" {Neh 1:11} + "And [they that shall be] of¹ thee shall buildª° the oldª waste places:ª thou shalt raise upª° the foundationsª of many² generations;ª and thou shalt be called,ª° The repairerª° of the breach,ª The restorerª° of pathsª to dwell¹ in.²°" {Isa 58:12} + "And they shall buildª° the oldª wastes,ª they shall raise upª° the formerª desolations,ª° and they shall repairª° the wasteª cities,ª the desolationsª° of many² generations.ª" {Isa 61:4} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ that before¹ they call,ª° I¹ will answer;ª° and while they¹ are yet¹ speaking,ª° I¹ will hear.ª°" {Isa 65:24}
I set him a time:
It is probable that this time was no more than six months, or a year; after which he either returned, or had his leave of absence lengthened, as we find he was twelve years governor of the Jews. "Moreover¹ from the timeª¹ that¹ I was appointedª° to be¹ their governorª in the landª of Judah,ª from the twentiethª yearª¹ even unto¹ the twoª and thirtiethª yearª of Artaxerxesª the king,ª [that is], twelveªª years,ª I¹ and my brethrenª have not¹ eatenª° the breadª of the governor.ª" {Neh 5:14} + "But in all¹ this¹ [time] was¹ not¹ I at Jerusalem:ª for¹ in the twoª and thirtiethª yearª of Artaxerxesª kingª of Babylonª cameª° I unto¹ the king,ª and afterª certain daysª obtained I leaveª° of¹ the king:ª" {Neh 13:6}

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