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{Ezra 6:22} And kept 6213 z8799 the feast 2282 of unleavened bread 4682 seven 7651 days 3117 with joy: 8057 for x3588 the LORD 3068 had made them joyful, 8055 z8765 and turned 5437 z8689 the heart 3820 of the king 4428 of Assyria 804 unto x5921 them, to strengthen 2388 z8763 their hands 3027 in the work 4399 of the house 1004 of God, 430 the God 430 of Israel. 3478
the feast:
"Sevenª daysª shall ye eatª° unleavened bread;ª evenª the firstª dayª ye shall put awayª° leavenª out of your houses:ª¹ for¹ whosoever¹ eatethª° leavened breadª from the first² dayª¹¹ until¹ the seventhª day,ª that¹ soulª shall be cut²° off¹ from Israel.ª¹ ... Ye shall eatª° nothing¹¹ leavened;²°¹ in all¹ your habitationsª shall ye eatª° unleavened bread.ª" {Exd 12:15-20} + "Sevenª daysª thou shalt eatª° unleavened bread,ª and in the seventhª dayª [shall be] a feastª to the LORD.ª ... Unleavened breadª shall be eatenª°¹ sevenª days;ª and there shall no¹ leavened breadª be seenª° with thee, neither¹ shall there be leavenª seenª° with thee in all¹ thy quarters.ª" {Exd 13:6-7} + "And the childrenª of Israelª that were presentª° at Jerusalemª keptª°¹ the feastª of unleavened breadª sevenª daysª with greatª gladness:ª and the Levitesª and the priestsª praisedª° the LORDª dayª by day,ª [singing] with loudª instrumentsª unto the LORD.ª" {2Ch 30:21} + "And the childrenª of Israelª that were presentª° keptª°¹ the passoverª at that¹ time,ª and the feastª of unleavened breadª sevenª days.ª" {2Ch 35:17} + "Nowª the¹ firstª [day] of the¹ [feast of] unleavened breadª the¹ disciplesª cameª° to Jesus,ª sayingª° unto him,ª Whereª wilt¹ thou²° that we prepareª° for theeª to eatª° the¹ passover?ª" {Mtt 26:17} + "Purge outª° thereforeª the¹ oldª leaven,ª thatª ye may beª° a newª lump,ª asª ye areª° unleavened.ª Forª evenª Christª ourª passoverª is sacrificedª° forª us:ª ... Thereforeª let us keep the feast,ª° notª withª oldª leaven,ª neitherª withª the leavenª of maliceª andª wickedness;ª butª withª the unleavenedª [bread] of sincerityª andª truth.ª" {1Co 5:7-8}
"Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of our fathers,ª which¹ hath putª° [such a thing] as this¹ in the king'sª heart,ª to beautifyª°¹ the houseª of the LORDª which¹ [is] in Jerusalem:ª" {Ezr 7:27} + "When a man'sª waysª pleaseª° the LORD,ª he maketh even¹ his enemiesª° to be at peaceª° with¹ him." {Prv 16:7} + "The king'sª heartª [is] in the handª of the LORD,ª [as] the riversª of water:ª he turnethª° it whithersoever¹¹¹ he will.ª°" {Prv 21:1} + "Jesusª answered,ª° Thou¹ couldest haveª° no²¹ powerª [at all] againstª² me,ª except²¹¹ it wereª° givenª° thee²¹ from above:ª thereforeªª he that deliveredª° meª unto thee²¹ hathª° the greaterª sin.ª" {Jhn 19:11}
the king:
Darius, as reigning over the country of Assyria, is here called "the king of Assyria." "Nowª [therefore], Tatnai,ª governorª beyondª the river,ª Shetharboznai,ª and your companionsª the Apharsachites,ª which¹ [are] beyondª the river,ª be¹ ye²° farª fromª thence:ª ... And the Godª that¹ hath caused his nameª to dwellª° thereª destroyª° allª kingsª and people,ª that¹ shall putª° to their handª to alterª° [and] to destroyª° thisª houseª of Godª which¹ [is] at Jerusalem.ª Iª Dariusª have madeª° a decree;ª let it be doneª° with speed.ª" {Ezr 6:6-12} + "Now in the firstª yearª of Cyrusª kingª of Persia,ª that the wordª of the LORDª by the mouthª¹ of Jeremiahª might be fulfilled,ª° the LORDª stirred upª°¹ the spiritª of Cyrusª kingª of Persia,ª that he made a proclamationªª° throughout all¹ his kingdom,ª and [put it] also¹ in writing,ª saying,ª°" {Ezr 1:1} + "In his daysª Pharaohnechohª kingª of Egyptª went upª° against¹ the kingª of Assyriaª to¹ the riverª Euphrates:ª and kingª Josiahª went²°¹ against²°¹ him; and he slewª° him at Megiddo,ª when he had seenª° him." {2Kg 23:29} + "Wherefore the LORDª broughtª° upon¹¹ them the captains¹ of² the host ofª the kingª of Assyria,ª which¹ tookª°¹ Manassehª among the thorns,ª and bound¹ him²° with fetters,ª and carried²°¹ him to Babylon.ª" {2Ch 33:11} + "I will bring them againª° also out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª and gatherª° them out of Assyria;ª¹ and I will bringª° them into¹ the landª of Gileadª and Lebanon;ª and [place] shall not¹ be foundª° for them. ... And he shall pass¹ through²° the seaª with affliction,ª and shall smiteª° the wavesª in the sea,ª and all¹ the deepsª of the riverª shall dry up:ª° and the prideª of Assyriaª shall be brought down,ª° and the sceptreª of Egyptª shall depart away.ª°" {Zch 10:10-11}

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