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{Ezra 6:21} And the children 1121 of Israel, 3478 which were come again 7725 z8802 out of captivity, 1473 x4480 and all x3605 such as had separated y914 z8737 themselves x914 unto x413 them from the filthiness 2932 x4480 of the heathen 1471 of the land, 776 to seek 1875 z8800 the LORD 3068 God 430 of Israel, 3478 did eat, 398 z8799
all such:
"Which¹ thou hast commandedª° byª thy servantsª the prophets,ª saying,ª° The land,ª unto which¹ ye¹ goª° to possessª° it, is an uncleanª landª with the filthinessª of the peopleª of the lands,ª with their abominations,ª which¹ have filledª° it from one endª¹ to¹ anotherª with their uncleanness.ª" {Ezr 9:11} + "And there were¹ certain men,²¹ who¹ were¹ defiledª by the dead bodyª of a man,ª that they couldª° not¹ keepª° the passoverª on that¹ day:ª and they cameª° beforeª Mosesª and beforeª Aaronª on that¹ day:ª ... And thoseª men²¹ saidª° unto¹ him, We¹ [are] defiledª by the dead bodyª of a man:ª wherefore¹ are we kept back,ª° that we may not¹ offerª°¹ an offeringª of the LORDª in his appointed seasonª amongª the childrenª of Israel?ª" {Num 9:6-7} + "Speakª° unto¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª saying,ª° If¹ any² manª of you or¹ of your posterityª shall be¹ uncleanª by reason of a dead body,ª or¹ [be] in a journeyª afar off,ª yet he shall keepª° the passoverª unto the LORD.ª ... And if¹ a strangerª shall sojournª° among¹ you, and will keepª° the passoverª unto the LORD;ª according to the ordinanceª of the passover,ª and according to the mannerª thereof, so¹ shall he do:ª° ye shall have¹ oneª ordinance,ª both for the stranger,ª and for him that was bornª in the land.ª" {Num 9:10-14} + "Departª° ye, departª° ye, go ye outª° from thence,¹¹ touchª° no¹ uncleanª [thing]; go ye outª° of the midstª¹ of her; be ye clean,ª° that bearª° the vesselsª of the LORD.ª" {Isa 52:11} + "Then will I sprinkleª° cleanª waterª upon¹ you, and ye shall be clean:ª° from all¹¹ your filthiness,ª and from all¹¹ your idols,ª will I cleanseª° you." {Ezk 36:25} + "Whereforeª come outª° fromª amongª them,ª andª be ye separate,ª° saithª° the Lord,ª andª touchª° notª the uncleanª [thing]; and² I¹ will receiveª° you,ª" {2Co 6:17} + "Havingª° thereforeª theseª promises,ª dearly beloved,ª let us cleanseª° ourselvesª fromª allª filthinessª of the fleshª andª spirit,ª perfectingª° holinessª inª the fearª of God.ª" {2Co 7:1}
did eat:
"All¹ the congregationª of Israelª shall keepª° it. ... Oneª lawª shall be¹ to him that is homeborn,ª and unto the strangerª that sojournethª° amongª you." {Exd 12:47-49} + "Thy testimoniesª are veryª sure:ª° holinessª becomethª° thine house,ª O LORD,ª for ever.ªª" {Psa 93:5}

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