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{Ezra 6:9} And that x4100 which y4101 they have need of, 2818 z8750 both young 1123 bullocks, 8450 and rams, 1798 and lambs, 563 for the burnt offerings 5928 of the God 426 of heaven, 8065 wheat, 2591 salt, 4416 wine, 2562 and oil, 4887 according to the appointment 3983 of the priests 3549 which x1768 [are] at Jerusalem, 3390 let it be 1934 z8748 given 3052 z8727 them day 3118 by day 3118 without 3809 x1768 fail: 7960
young bullocks:
"If¹ his offeringª [be] a burnt sacrificeª of¹ the herd,ª let him offerª° a maleª without blemish:ª he shall offerª° it of his own voluntary willª at¹ the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregationª beforeª the LORD.ª ... And he shall killª°¹ the bullockªª beforeª the LORD:ª and the priests,ª Aaron'sª sons,ª shall bringª°¹ the blood,ª and sprinkleª°¹ the bloodª round aboutª upon¹ the altarª that¹ [is by] the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregation.ª" {Lev 1:3-5} + "And if¹ his offeringª [be] of¹ the flocks,ª [namely], of¹ the sheep,ª or¹ of¹ the goats,ª for a burnt sacrifice;ª he shall bringª° it a maleª without blemish.ª" {Lev 1:10} + "And he saidª° unto¹ Aaron,ª Takeª° thee a youngªª calfª for a sin offering,ª and a ramª for a burnt offering,ª without blemish,ª and offerª° [them] beforeª the LORD.ª" {Lev 9:2} + "I will takeª° no¹ bullockª out of thy house,ª¹ [nor] he goatsª out of thy folds.ª¹ ... Will I eatª° the fleshª of bulls,ª or drinkª° the bloodª of goats?ª" {Psa 50:9-13}
"Now this¹ [is that] which¹ thou shalt offerª° upon¹ the altar;ª twoª lambsª of the firstª yearª day² by dayª continually.ª ... [This shall be] a continualª burnt offeringª throughout your generationsª [at] the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregationª beforeª the LORD:ª where¹¹ I will meetª° you, to speakª° there¹ unto¹ thee." {Exd 29:38-42} + "And the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ Moses,ª saying,ª° ... And Mosesª toldª°¹ the childrenª of Israelª according to all¹ that¹ the LORDª commandedª°¹ Moses.ª" {Num 28:1-29:40}
"And when¹ anyª will offerª° a meatª offeringª unto the LORD,ª his offeringª shall be¹ [of] fine flour;ª and he shall pourª° oilª upon¹ it, and putª° frankincenseª thereon:¹ ... And the priestª shall burnª°¹ the memorialª of it, [part] of the beaten cornª¹ thereof, and [part] of the oilª¹ thereof, with¹ all¹ the frankincenseª thereof: [it is] an offering made by fireª unto the LORD.ª" {Lev 2:1-16} + "Then shall he that offerethª° his offeringª unto the LORDª bringª° a meat offeringª of a tenth dealª of flourª mingledª° with the fourthª [part] of an hinª of oil.ª ... Because¹ he hath despisedª° the wordª of the LORD,ª and hath brokenª° his commandment,ª that¹ soulª shall utterly²° be cut off;ª° his iniquityª [shall be] upon him." {Num 15:4-31} + "[Some] of¹ them also [were] appointedª° to oversee¹ the vessels,ª and all¹ the instrumentsª of the sanctuary,ª and the fine flour,ª and the wine,ª and the oil,ª and the frankincense,ª and the spices.ª" {1Ch 9:29}
"And every¹ oblationª of thy meat offeringª shalt thou seasonª° with salt;ª neither¹ shalt thou suffer the saltª of the covenantª of thy Godª to be lackingª° from¹¹ thy meat offering:ª with¹ all¹ thine offeringsª thou shalt offerª° salt.ª" {Lev 2:13} + "Forª every oneª shall be saltedª° with fire,ª andª everyª sacrificeª shall be saltedª° with salt.ª" {Mrk 9:49}
let it be given:
"And kingsª shall be¹ thy nursing fathers,ª° and their queensª thy nursing mothers:ª° they shall bow downª° to thee with [their] faceª toward the earth,ª and lick upª° the dustª of thy feet;ª and thou shalt knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD:ª for they¹ shall not¹ be ashamedª° that waitª° for me." {Isa 49:23}

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