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{Ezra 3:12} But many 7227 of the priests 3548 x4480 and Levites 3881 and chief 7218 of the fathers, 1 [who were] ancient men, 2205 that x834 had seen 7200 z8804 x853 the first 7223 house, 1004 when the foundation y3245 z0 of this house y1004 was laid 3245 z8800 x2088 x1004 before their eyes, 5869 wept 1058 z8802 with a loud 1419 voice; 6963 and many 7227 shouted y8643 aloud 7311 z8687 x8643 x6963 for joy: 8057
"Who¹ [is] leftª° among you that¹ sawª°¹ this¹ houseª in her firstª glory?ª and how¹ do ye¹ seeª° it now?¹ [is it] not¹ in your eyesª in comparison² of it¹ as nothing?¹" {Hgg 2:3}
when the foundation:
"Though thy beginningª was¹ small,ª yet thy latter endª should greatlyª increase.ª°" {Job 8:7} + "Fearª° not,¹ thou wormª Jacob,ª [and] ye menª of Israel;ª I¹ will helpª° thee, saithª° the LORD,ª and thy redeemer,ª° the Holy Oneª of Israel.ª" {Isa 41:14} + "A little oneª shall become¹ a thousand,ª and a small oneª a strongª nation:ª I¹ the LORDª will hastenª° it in his time.ª" {Isa 60:22} + "Thou sawestªª°° tillª that¹ a stoneª was cut outª° withoutª¹ hands,ª which smoteª° the imageª uponª his feetª [that were] of¹ ironª and clay,ª and brake²° them² to pieces.ª°¹ ... Thenª was the iron,ª the clay,ª the brass,ª the silver,ª and the gold,ª broken to piecesª°²° together,ª and becameª° like the chaffª ofª the summerª threshingfloors;ª and the windª carried²° them² away,ª°¹ that² noª¹ placeª was foundª° for them: and the stoneª that¹ smoteª° the imageª becameª° a greatª mountain,ª and filledª° the wholeª earth.ª" {Dan 2:34-35} + "For¹ who¹ hath despisedª° the dayª of small things?ª for they shall rejoice,ª° and shall seeª°¹ the plummetªª in the handª of Zerubbabelª [with] those¹ seven;ª they¹ [are] the eyesª of the LORD,ª which run to and froª° through the whole¹ earth.ª" {Zch 4:10} + "Anotherª parableª put he forthª° unto them,ª saying,ª° The¹ kingdomª of heavenª isª° like² to¹ a grainª of mustard seed,ª whichª a manª took,ª° and¹ sowedª° inª hisª field:ª ... Whichª indeedª isª° the leastª of allª seeds:ª butª whenª it is grown,ª° it isª° the greatestª among herbs,ª andª becomethª° a tree,ª so thatª the¹ birdsª of the¹ airª comeª° andª lodgeª° inª the¹ branchesª thereof.ª" {Mtt 13:31-32}
"He that goeth²° forthª° and weepeth,ª° bearingª° preciousª seed,ª shall doubtless²° come²° againª with rejoicing,ª bringingª° his sheavesª [with him]." {Psa 126:6} + "Behold,¹ I will bringª° them from the northª country,ª¹ and gatherª° them from the coastsª¹ of the earth,ª [and] with them the blindª and the lame,ª the woman with child²¹ and her that travaileth with childª° together:ª a greatª companyª shall returnª° thither.¹ ... They shall comeª° with weeping,ª and with supplicationsª will I leadª° them: I will cause them to walk²°¹ by¹ the riversª of watersª in a straightª way,ª wherein they shall not¹ stumble:ª° for¹ I am¹ a fatherª to Israel,ª and Ephraimª [is] my firstborn.ª" {Jer 31:8-9}

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