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{Ezra 2:68} And [some] of the chief 7218 x4480 of the fathers, 1 when they came 935 z8800 to the house 1004 of the LORD 3068 which x834 [is] at Jerusalem, 3389 offered freely 5068 z8694 for the house 1004 of God 430 to set it up 5975 z8687 in x5921 his place: 4349
offered freely:
"Takeª° ye from among¹¹ you an offeringª unto the LORD:ª whosoeverª [is] of a willingª heart,ª let him bringª° it,¹ an offeringª of the LORD;ª gold,ª and silver,ª and brass,ª ...¹ The clothsª of service,ª to do serviceª° in the holyª [place],¹ the holyª garmentsª for Aaronª the priest,ª and the garmentsª of his sons,ª to minister in the priest's office.ª°" {Exd 35:5-19} + "The childrenª of Israelª broughtª° a willing offeringª unto the LORD,ª every¹ manª and woman,ª whoseª heartª made them willingª°¹ to bringª° for all manner¹ of work,ª which¹ the LORDª had commandedª° to be madeª° by the handª of Moses.ª" {Exd 35:29} + "And they receivedª° ofª¹ Mosesª¹ all¹ the offering,ª which¹ the childrenª of Israelª had broughtª° for the workª of the serviceª of the sanctuary,ª to makeª° it [withal]. And they¹ broughtª° yet¹ unto¹ him free offeringsª every morning.ª" {Exd 36:3} + "And they broughtª°¹ their offeringª beforeª the LORD,ª sixª coveredª wagons,ª and twelveª¹ oxen;ª a wagonª for¹ twoª of the princes,ª and for each oneª an ox:ª and they broughtª° them beforeª the tabernacle.ª ... And when Mosesª was goneª° into¹ the tabernacleª of the congregationª to speakª° with¹ him, then he heardª°¹ the voiceª of one speakingª° unto¹ him from off¹¹ the mercy seatª that¹ [was] upon¹ the arkª of testimony,ª from between¹¹ the twoª cherubims:ª and he spakeª° unto¹ him." {Num 7:3-89} + "The goldª for [things] of gold,ª and the silverª for [things] of silver,ª and for all manner¹ of workª [to be made] by the handsª of artificers.ª And who¹ [then] is willingª° to consecrate²° his serviceª¹ this dayª unto the LORD?ª ... I knowª° also, my God,ª that¹ thou¹ triestª° the heart,ª and hast pleasureª° in uprightness.ª As for me,¹ in the uprightnessª of mine heartª I have willingly offeredª° all¹ these things:¹ and now¹ have I seenª° with joyª thy people,ª which are presentª° here,¹ to offer willinglyª° unto thee." {1Ch 29:5-17} + "And some¹¹ of² the chiefª of the fathersª gaveª° unto the work.ª The Tirshathaª gaveª° to the treasureª a thousandª dramsª of gold,ª fiftyª basons,ª fiveª hundredª and thirtyª priests'ª garments.ª ... So the priests,ª and the Levites,ª and the porters,ª and the singers,ª° and [some] of¹ the people,ª and the Nethinims,ª and all¹ Israel,ª dweltª° in their cities;ª and when the seventhª monthª came,ª° the childrenª of Israelª [were] in their cities.ª" {Neh 7:70-73} + "Thy peopleª [shall be] willingª in the dayª of thy power,ª in the beautiesª of holinessª from the wombª¹ of the morning:ª thou hast the dewª of thy youth.ª" {Psa 110:3} + "Andª he looked up,ª° and sawª° the¹ rich menª castingª° their²¹ giftsª intoª the¹ treasury.ª ... Forª allª theseª have ofª theirª abundanceª° cast²° in¹ untoª the¹ offeringsª of God:ª butª sheª°² ofª her²¹ penuryª hath cast²° in¹ allª the¹ livingª thatª she had.ª°" {Lke 21:1-4} + "Forª toª [their] power,ª I bear record,ª° yea, andª beyondª [their] powerª [they were] willing of themselves;ª" {2Co 8:3} + "Forª if¹ there² be firstª° a willing mind,²¹ [it is] acceptedª according to² that²¹ a manª hath,ª°¹ [and] notª according to thatª he hathª° not.ª" {2Co 8:12} + "Every manª according asª he purposethª° in his heart,ª [so let him give]; notª grudgingly,ªª orª ofª necessity:ª forª Godª lovethª° a cheerfulª giver.ª" {2Co 9:7}
in his place:
"And they setª° the altarª upon¹ his bases;ª for¹ fearª [was] upon¹ them because of the peopleª¹ of those countries:ª and they offeredª° burnt offeringsª thereon¹ unto the LORD,ª [even] burnt offeringsª morningª and evening.ª" {Ezr 3:3} + "Then the angelª of the LORDª commandedª°¹ Gadª to sayª° to David,ª that¹ Davidª should go up,ª° and set upª° an altarª unto the LORDª in the threshingfloorª of Ornanª the Jebusite.ª" {1Ch 21:18} + "Then Davidª said,ª° This¹ [is] the houseª of the LORDª God,ª and this¹ [is] the altarª of the burnt offeringª for Israel.ª" {1Ch 22:1} + "Then Solomonª beganª° to buildª°¹ the houseª of the LORDª at Jerusalemª in mountª Moriah,ª where¹ [the LORD] appearedª° unto Davidª his father,ª in the placeª that¹ Davidª had preparedª° in the threshingfloorª of Ornanª the Jebusite.ª" {2Ch 3:1}

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