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{Ezra 2:65} Beside x4480 x905 their servants 5650 and their maids, 519 of whom x428 [there were] seven 7651 thousand 505 three 7969 hundred 3967 thirty 7970 and seven: 7651 and [there were] y428 among them two hundred 3967 singing men 7891 z8789 and singing women. 7891 z8789
"For¹ the LORDª will have mercyª° on¹ Jacob,ª and will yet¹ chooseª° Israel,ª and set²°¹ them in¹ their own land:ª and the strangersª shall be joinedª° with¹ them, and they shall cleaveª° to¹ the houseª of Jacob.ª ... And the peopleª shall takeª° them, and bringª° them to¹ their place:ª and the houseª of Israelª shall possessª° them in¹ the landª of the LORDª for servantsª and handmaids:ª and they shall take¹ them captives,ª° whose captivesª° they were; and they shall rule²° over¹ their oppressors.ª°" {Isa 14:1-2}
two hundred:
"And Miriamª the prophetess,ª the sisterª of Aaron,ª tookª°¹ a timbrelª in her hand;ª and all¹ the womenª went outª° afterª her with timbrelsª and with dances.ª ... And Miriamª answeredª° them, Singª° ye to the LORD,ª for¹ he hath triumphed²° gloriously;ª° the horseª and his riderª° hath he thrownª° into the sea.ª" {Exd 15:20-21} + "I¹ [am] this dayª fourscoreª yearsª old:ª [and] can I discernª° between¹ goodª and evil?ª can¹ thy servantª tasteª°¹ whatª I eatª° or whatª I drink?ª° can¹ I hearª° any more¹ the voiceª of singing menª° and singing women?ª° wherefore¹ then should thy servantª be¹ yet¹ a burdenª unto¹ my lordª the king?ª" {2Sm 19:35} + "Beside¹¹ their manservantsª and their maidservants,ª of whom¹ [there were] sevenª thousandª threeª hundredª thirtyª and seven:ª and they had two hundredª fortyª and fiveª singing¹ men²° and singing¹ women.²°" {Neh 7:67} + "The singersª° went before,ª° the players on instrumentsª° [followed] after;ª amongª [them were] the damselsª playing with timbrels.ª°" {Psa 68:25} + "Both young men,ª and¹ maidens;ª old men,ª and¹ children:ª ... Let them praiseª°¹ the nameª of the LORD:ª for¹ his nameª alone¹ is excellent;ª° his gloryª [is] above¹ the earthª and heaven.ª" {Psa 148:12-13} + "I gatheredª° me also¹ silverª and gold,ª and the peculiar treasureª of kingsª and of the provinces:ª I gatª° me men singersª° and women singers,ª° and the delightsª of the sonsª of men,ª [as] musical instruments,ª and that of all sorts." {Ecc 2:8} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª Considerª° ye, and callª° for the mourning women,ª° that they may come;ª° and sendª° for¹ cunningª [women], that they may come:ª° ... And let them make haste,ª° and take upª° a wailingª for¹ us, that our eyesª may run downª° with tears,ª and our eyelidsª gush outª° with waters.ª" {Jer 9:17-18} + "Andª when Jesusª cameª° intoª the¹ ruler'sª house,ª andª sawª° the¹ minstrelsª andª the¹ peopleª making a noise,ª°" {Mtt 9:23}

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