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{Ezra 2:33} The children 1121 of Lod, 3850 Hadid, 2307 and Ono, 207 seven 7651 hundred 3967 twenty 6242 and five. 2568
"The sonsª of Elpaal;ª Eber,ª and Misham,ª and Shamed,ª who¹ builtª°¹ Ono,ª and Lod,ª with the townsª thereof:" {1Ch 8:12} + "That Sanballatª and Geshemª sentª° unto¹ me, saying,ª° Come,²°¹ let us meetª° togetherª in [some one of] the villagesª in the plainª of Ono.ª But they¹ thoughtª° to doª° me mischief.ª" {Neh 6:2} + "The childrenª of Lod,ª Hadid,ª and Ono,ª sevenª hundredª twentyª and one.ª" {Neh 7:37} + "Hadid,ª Zeboim,ª Neballat,ª ... Lod,ª and Ono,ª the valleyª of craftsmen.ª²°" {Neh 11:34-35}
or, Harid, as it is in some copies, Hadid is probably the Adida of Josephus, and the Maccabees (1Mac "And the otherª [company of them that gave] thanksª wentª° over againstª [them], and I¹ afterª them, and the halfª of the peopleª upon¹¹ the wall,ª from beyond¹¹ the towerª of the furnacesª even unto¹ the broadª wall;ª" {Neh 12:38} + "And I made treasurersª° over¹ the treasuries,ª Shelemiahª the priest,ª and Zadokª the scribe,ª° and of¹ the Levites,ª Pedaiah:ª and next to¹¹ them² [was] Hananª the sonª of Zaccur,ª the sonª of Mattaniah:ª for¹ they were countedª° faithful,ª° and their office¹ [was] to distributeª° unto their brethren.ª" {Neh 13:13}), a city situated on a hill in the plain country of Judah, and the Aditha of Eusebius, which he places near Diospolis, Lydda, or Lod.

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