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{Ezra 2:1} Now these x428 [are] the children 1121 of the province 4082 that went up 5927 z8802 out of the captivity, 7628 x4480 of those which had been carried away, 1473 whom x834 Nebuchadnezzar 5019 the king 4428 of Babylon 894 had carried away 1540 z8689 unto Babylon, 894 and came again 7725 z8799 unto Jerusalem 3389 and Judah, 3063 every one 376 unto his city; 5892
the children:
"Be¹ it knownª²°° unto the king,ª that¹ we wentª° into the provinceª of Judea,ª to the houseª of the greatª God,ª which¹ is buildedª° with greatª stones,ª and timberª is laidª° in the walls,ª and thisª workª goethª° fast² on,¹ and prosperethª° in their hands.ª" {Ezr 5:8} + "And there was foundª° at Achmetha,ª in the palaceª that¹ [is] in the provinceª of the Medes,ª aª roll,ª and thereinª [was] a recordª thusª written:ª°" {Ezr 6:2} + "These¹ [are] the childrenª of the province,ª that went upª° out of the captivity,ª¹ of those that had been carried away,ª whom¹ Nebuchadnezzarª the kingª of Babylonª had carried away,ª° and came againª° to Jerusalemª and to Judah,ª every oneª unto his city;ª ... So the priests,ª and the Levites,ª and the porters,ª and the singers,ª° and [some] of¹ the people,ª and the Nethinims,ª and all¹ Israel,ª dweltª° in their cities;ª and when the seventhª monthª came,ª° the childrenª of Israelª [were] in their cities.ª" {Neh 7:6-73} + "Now it came to pass¹ in the daysª of Ahasuerus,ª (this¹ [is] Ahasuerusª which reigned,ª° from Indiaª¹ even unto¹ Ethiopia,ª [over] an hundredª and sevenª and twentyª provinces:)ª" {Est 1:1} + "In the thirdª yearª of his reign,ª° he madeª° a feastª unto all¹ his princesª and his servants;ª the powerª of Persiaª and Media,ª the noblesª and princesª of the provinces,ª [being] beforeª him:" {Est 1:3} + "And the drinkingª [was] according to the law;ª none¹ did compel:ª° for¹ so¹ the kingª had appointedª° to¹ all¹ the officersª of his house,ª that they should doª° according to every man'sª pleasure.ª" {Est 1:8} + "To bringª°¹ Vashtiª the queenª beforeª the kingª with the crownª royal,ª to shewª° the peopleª and the princesª¹ her beauty:ª for¹ she¹ [was] fairª to look on.ª" {Est 1:11} + "Then were the king'sª scribesª° calledª° at that¹ timeª in the thirdª month,ª that¹ [is], the monthª Sivan,ª on the threeª and twentiethª [day] thereof; and it was writtenª° according to all¹ that¹ Mordecaiª commandedª° unto¹ the Jews,ª and to¹ the lieutenants,ª and the deputiesª and rulersª of the provincesª which¹ [are] from Indiaª¹ unto¹ Ethiopia,ª an hundredª twentyª and sevenª provinces,ª unto every provinceª according to the writingª thereof, and unto every peopleª after their language,ª and to¹ the Jewsª according to their writing,ª and according to their language.ª" {Est 8:9} + "Andª when the¹ governorª had readª° [the letter],² he¹ askedª° ofª whatª provinceª he was.ª° Andª when he understoodª° thatª [he was] ofª Cilicia;ª" {Act 23:34}
whom Nebuchadnezzar:
"And he carried awayª°¹ all¹ Jerusalem,ª and all¹ the princes,ª and all¹ the mighty menª of valour,ª [even] tenª thousandª captives,ª° and all¹ the craftsmenª and smiths:ª none¹ remained,ª° saveª the poorest sortª of the peopleª of the land.ª ... And all¹ the men²¹ of might,ª [even] sevenª thousand,ª and craftsmenª and smithsª a thousand,ª all¹ [that were] strongª [and] aptª° for war,ª even them the kingª of Babylonª broughtª° captiveª to Babylon.ª" {2Kg 24:14-16} + "Now the restª of the peopleª [that were] leftª° in the city,ª and the fugitivesª° that¹ fell awayª° to¹ the kingª of Babylon,ª with the remnantª of the multitude,ª did Nebuzaradanª the captainª of the guardª carry away.ª°" {2Kg 25:11} + "Then the peopleª of the landª tookª°¹ Jehoahazª the sonª of Josiah,ª and made him kingª° in his father's² stead¹¹ in Jerusalem.ª ... Thus¹ saithª° Cyrusª kingª of Persia,ª All¹ the kingdomsª of the earthª hath the LORDª Godª of heavenª givenª° me; and he¹ hath chargedª°¹ me to buildª° him an houseª in Jerusalem,ª which¹ [is] in Judah.ª Who¹ [is there] among you of all¹¹ his people?ª The LORDª his Godª [be] with¹ him, and let him go up.ª°" {2Ch 36:1-23} + "In the ninthª yearª of Zedekiahª kingª of Judah,ª in the tenthª month,ª cameª° Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylonª and all¹ his armyª against¹ Jerusalem,ª and they besiegedª° it. ... For¹ I will surely²° deliverª° thee, and thou shalt not¹ fallª° by the sword,ª but thy lifeª shall be¹ for a preyª unto thee: because¹ thou hast put thy trustª° in me, saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 39:1-18} + "Zedekiahª [was] oneª and twentyª yearsª oldª when he began to reign,ª° and he reignedª° elevenªª¹ yearsª in Jerusalem.ª And his mother'sª nameª [was] Hamutalª the daughterª of Jeremiahª of Libnah.ª¹ ... And [for] his diet,ª there was a continualª dietª givenª° him of¹¹ the kingª of Babylon,ª every² dayª a portionª until¹ the dayª of his death,ª all¹ the daysª of his life.ª" {Jer 52:1-34} + "Judahª is gone into captivityª° because of affliction,ª¹ and because of greatª¹ servitude:ª she¹ dwellethª° among the heathen,ª she findethª° no¹ rest:ª all¹ her persecutorsª° overtookª° her between¹ the straits.ª" {Lam 1:3} + "Her adversariesª are¹ the chief,ª her enemiesª° prosper;ª° for¹ the LORDª hath afflictedª° her for¹ the multitudeª of her transgressions:ª her childrenª are goneª° into captivityª beforeª the enemy.ª" {Lam 1:5} + "The punishment of thine iniquityª is accomplished,ª° O daughterª of Zion;ª he will no¹ moreª° carry thee away into captivity:ª° he will visitª° thine iniquity,ª O daughterª of Edom;ª he will discoverª°¹ thy sins.ª" {Lam 4:22} + "And the coastª shall be¹ for the remnantª of the houseª of Judah;ª they shall feedª° thereupon:¹ in the housesª of Ashkelonª shall they lie downª° in the evening:ª for¹ the LORDª their Godª shall visitª° them, and turn awayª° their captivity.ª°" {Zph 2:7}

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