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{2 Chronicles 30:1} And Hezekiah 3169 sent 7971 z8799 to x5921 all x3605 Israel 3478 and Judah, 3063 and wrote 3789 z8804 letters 107 also x1571 to x5921 Ephraim 669 and Manasseh, 4519 that they should come 935 z8800 to the house 1004 of the LORD 3068 at Jerusalem, 3389 to keep 6213 z8800 the passover 6453 unto the LORD 3068 God 430 of Israel. 3478
"And the priestsª and the Levitesª that¹ [were] in all¹ Israelª resortedª° to¹ him out of all¹¹ their coasts.ª" {2Ch 11:13} + "And afterª them out of all¹¹ the tribesª of Israelª such as setª°¹ their heartsª to seekª°¹ the LORDª Godª of Israelª cameª° to Jerusalem,ª to sacrificeª° unto the LORDª Godª of their fathers.ª" {2Ch 11:16}
"So the postsª° passedª°¹ from cityª¹ to cityª through the countryª of Ephraimª and Manassehª even unto¹ Zebulun:ª but they laughed them to scorn,ª°¹¹ and mockedª° them. ... Nevertheless¹ divers²¹ of Asherª¹ and Manassehª and of Zebulunª¹ humbled²° themselves,¹ and cameª° to Jerusalem.ª" {2Ch 30:10-11} + "But there cameª° a manª of Godª to¹ him, saying,ª° O king,ª let not¹ the armyª of Israelª goª° with¹ thee; for¹ the LORDª [is] not¹ with¹ Israel,ª [to wit, with] all¹ the childrenª of Ephraim.ª" {2Ch 25:7} + "So killª° the passover,ª and sanctify²° yourselves,¹ and prepareª° your brethren,ª that [they] may doª° according to the wordª of the LORDª by the handª of Moses.ª" {2Ch 35:6} + "They will not¹ frameª° their doingsª to turnª° unto¹ their God:ª for¹ the spiritª of whoredomsª [is] in the midstª of them, and they have not¹ knownª° the LORD.ª" {Hsa 5:4} + "Ephraim,ª he¹ hath mixed²° himself¹ among the people;ª Ephraimª is¹ a cakeª not¹ turned.ª° ... Strangersª° have devouredª° his strength,ª and he¹ knowethª° [it] not:¹ yea,¹ gray hairsª are here and thereª° upon him, yet he¹ knowethª° not.¹" {Hsa 7:8-9} + "How¹ shall I give thee up,ª° Ephraim?ª [how] shall I deliverª° thee, Israel?ª how¹ shall I makeª° thee as Admah?ª [how] shall I setª° thee as Zeboim?ª mine heartª is turnedª° within¹ me, my repentingsª are kindledª° together.ª" {Hsa 11:8}
to the house:
"Thou shalt therefore sacrificeª° the passoverª unto the LORDª thy God,ª of the flockª and the herd,ª in the placeª which¹ the LORDª shall chooseª° to placeª° his nameª there.¹ ... But¹¹ at¹ the placeª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª shall chooseª° to placeª° his nameª in, there¹ thou shalt sacrificeª°¹ the passoverª at even,ª at the going downª° of the sun,ª at the seasonª that thou camest forthª° out of Egypt.ª¹" {Deu 16:2-6}
to keep:
"Speakª° ye unto¹ all¹ the congregationª of Israel,ª saying,ª° In the tenthª [day] of this¹ monthª they shall takeª° to them every manª a lamb,ª according to the houseª of [their] fathers,ª a lambª for an house:ª ... Ye shall eatª° nothing¹¹ leavened;²°¹ in all¹ your habitationsª shall ye eatª° unleavened bread.ª" {Exd 12:3-20} + "Purge outª° thereforeª the¹ oldª leaven,ª thatª ye may beª° a newª lump,ª asª ye areª° unleavened.ª Forª evenª Christª ourª passoverª is sacrificedª° forª us:ª ... Thereforeª let us keep the feast,ª° notª withª oldª leaven,ª neitherª withª the leavenª of maliceª andª wickedness;ª butª withª the unleavenedª [bread] of sincerityª andª truth.ª" {1Co 5:7-8}

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