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{2 Chronicles 22:3} He x1931 also x1571 walked 1980 z8804 in the ways 1870 of the house 1004 of Ahab: 256 for x3588 his mother 517 was x1961 his counsellor 3289 z8802 to do wickedly. 7561 z8687
his mother:
"There were¹ giantsª in the earthª in those¹ days;ª and also¹ afterª that,ª whenª the sonsª of Godª came inª° unto¹ the daughtersª of men,ª and they bareª° [children] to them, the sameª [became] mighty menª which¹ [were] of old,ª¹ men²¹ of renown.ª ... And GODª sawª° that¹ the wickednessª of manª [was] greatª in the earth,ª and [that] every¹ imaginationª of the thoughtsª of his heartª [was] onlyª evilª continually.ª¹" {Gen 6:4-5} + "Neither¹ shalt thou make marriagesª° with them; thy daughterª thou shalt not¹ giveª° unto his son,ª nor¹ his daughterª shalt thou takeª° unto thy son.ª ... For¹ they will turn awayª°¹ thy sonª from followingª¹ me, that they may serveª° otherª gods:ª so will the angerª of the LORDª be kindledª° against you, and destroyª° thee suddenly.ª" {Deu 7:3-4} + "If¹ thy brother,ª the son²¹ of thy mother,ª or¹ thy son,ª or¹ thy daughter,ª or¹ the wifeª of thy bosom,ª or¹ thy friend,ª which¹ [is] as thine own soul,ª enticeª° thee secretly,ª saying,ª° Let us go²°¹ and serveª° otherª gods,ª which¹ thou hast not¹ known,ª° thou,¹ nor thy fathers;ª ... And thou shalt stoneª° him with stones,ª that he die;ª° because¹ he hath soughtª° to thrust thee awayª° from¹¹ the LORDª thy God,ª which brought thee outª° of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª from the houseª¹ of bondage.ª" {Deu 13:6-10} + "Yet he restoredª°¹ the moneyª unto his mother;ª and his motherª tookª° two hundredª [shekels] of silver,ª and gaveª° them to the founder,ª° who madeª° thereof a graven imageª and a molten image:ª and they were¹ in the houseª of Micah.ª ... And the manª Micahª had an houseª of gods,ª and madeª° an ephod,ª and teraphim,ª and consecratedªª°¹ oneª of his sons,ª¹ who became¹ his priest.ª" {Jdg 17:4-5} + "In those¹ daysª also¹ sawª° I¹ Jewsª [that] had marriedª° wivesª of Ashdod,ª of Ammon,ª [and] of Moab:ª ... Shall we then hearkenª° unto you to doª°¹ all¹ this¹ greatª evil,ª to transgressª° against our Godª in marryingª° strangeª wives?ª" {Neh 13:23-27} + "And did not¹ he makeª° one?ª Yet had he the residueª of the spirit.ª And wherefore¹ one?ª That he might seekª° a godlyª seed.ª Therefore take heedª° to your spirit,ª and let none¹ deal treacherouslyª° against the wifeª of his youth.ª" {Mal 2:15} + "Andª she,¹ being before instructedª° ofª her²¹ mother,ª said,ª° Giveª° meª hereª Johnª Baptist'sª headª inª a charger.ª ... Andª hisª headª was broughtª° inª a charger,ª andª givenª° to the¹ damsel:ª andª she broughtª° [it] to herª mother.ª" {Mtt 14:8-11}
his counsellor:
"My fatherª peradventure¹ will feelª° me, and I shall seem²¹ to him¹ as a deceiver;ª° and I shall bringª° a curseª upon¹ me, and not¹ a blessing.ª ... And his motherª saidª° unto him, Upon¹ me [be] thy curse,ª my son:ª only¹ obeyª° my voice,ª and go²°¹ fetchª° me [them]." {Gen 27:12-13} + "He that lovethª° fatherª orª motherª more¹ than² meª isª° notª worthyª of me:ª andª he that lovethª° sonª orª daughterª more¹ than² meª isª° notª worthyª of me.ª" {Mtt 10:37} + "Butª Peterª andª Johnª answeredª° and saidª° untoª them,ª Whetherª it beª° rightª in the sightª of Godª to hearkenª° unto youª more¹ thanª² unto God,ª judge¹ ye.²°" {Act 4:19}

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