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{2 Chronicles 16:6} Then Asa 609 the king 4428 took 3947 z8804 x853 all x3605 Judah; 3063 and they carried away 5375 z8799 x853 the stones 68 of Ramah, 7414 and the timber 6086 thereof, wherewith x834 Baasha 1201 was building; 1129 z8804 and he built 1129 z8799 therewith x853 Geba 1387 and Mizpah. 4709
they carried:
"Then kingª Asaª made a proclamationª° throughout¹ all¹ Judah;ª none¹ [was] exempted:ª and they took²° away¹¹ the stonesª of Ramah,ª and the timberª thereof, wherewith¹ Baashaª had builded;ª° and kingª Asaª builtª° with them¹ Gebaª of Benjamin,ª and Mizpah.ª" {1Kg 15:22}
"And Chepharhaammonai,ª and Ophni,ª and Gaba;ª twelveªª citiesª with their villages:ª ... And Mizpeh,ª and Chephirah,ª and Mozah,ª" {Jsh 18:24-26}, Gaba, "And they came upª° into Judah,ª and brake²° into¹ it, and carried awayª°¹ all¹ the substanceª that was foundª° in the king'sª house,ª and his sonsª also,¹ and his wives;ª so that there was never¹ a sonª leftª° him, save¹¹ Jehoahaz,ª the youngestª of his sons.ª" {2Ch 21:17} + "And out of the tribeª¹ of Benjamin;ª¹ Gebaª with her suburbs,ª and Alemethª with her suburbs,ª and Anathothª with her suburbs.ª All¹ their citiesª throughout their familiesª [were] thirteenªª cities.ª" {1Ch 6:60} + "They are gone overª° the passage:ª they have taken up their lodgingª at Geba;ª Ramahª is afraid;ª° Gibeahª of Saulª is fled.ª°" {Isa 10:29} + "All¹ the landª shall be turnedª° as a plainª from Gebaª¹ to Rimmonª southª of Jerusalem:ª and it shall be lifted up,ª° and inhabitedª° in her place,¹ from Benjamin'sª gateª¹ unto¹ the placeª of the firstª gate,ª unto¹ the cornerª gate,ª and [from] the towerª of Hananeelª unto¹ the king'sª winepresses.ª" {Zch 14:10}
"And Dilean,ª and Mizpeh,ª and Joktheel,ª" {Jsh 15:38} + "And Mizpeh,ª and Chephirah,ª and Mozah,ª" {Jsh 18:26} + "And they gathered togetherª° to Mizpeh,ª and drewª° water,ª and poured [it] outª° beforeª the LORD,ª and fastedª° on that¹ day,ª and saidª° there,¹ We have sinnedª° against the LORD.ª And Samuelª judgedª°¹ the childrenª of Israelª in Mizpeh.²¹" {1Sm 7:6} + "And he wentª° fromª¹ yearª to yearª in circuitª° to Bethel,ª and Gilgal,ª and Mizpeh,ª and judgedª°¹ Israelª in¹ all¹ those¹ places.ª" {1Sm 7:16} + "And Samuelª called²° the people² together¹¹¹ unto¹ the LORDª to Mizpeh;ª" {1Sm 10:17}, Mizpeh

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