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{2 Chronicles 15:11} And they offered 2076 z8799 unto the LORD 3068 the same x1931 time, 3117 of x4480 the spoil 7998 [which] they had brought, 935 z8689 seven 7651 hundred 3967 oxen 1241 and seven 7651 thousand 505 sheep. 6629
"And Asaª and the peopleª that¹ [were] with¹ him pursuedª° them unto¹ Gerar:ª and the Ethiopiansª¹ were overthrown,ª° that they could not¹ recoverª themselves; for¹ they were destroyedª° beforeª the LORD,ª and beforeª his host;ª and they carried awayª° veryª muchª° spoil.ª ... They smoteª° also¹ the tentsª of cattle,ª and carried awayª° sheepª and camelsª in abundance,ª and returnedª° to Jerusalem.ª" {2Ch 14:13-15} + "And levyª° a tributeª unto the LORDª of¹¹ the men²¹ of warª which went outª° to battle:ª oneª soulª of fiveª¹ hundred,ª [both] of¹ the persons,ª and of¹ the beeves,ª and of¹ the asses,ª and of¹ the sheep:ª ... Takeª° [it] of their half,ª¹ and giveª° it unto Eleazarª the priest,ª [for] an heave offeringª of the LORD.ª" {Num 31:28-29} + "We have therefore broughtª°¹ an oblationª for the LORD,ª what¹ every manª hath gotten,ª° of jewelsª of gold,ª chains,ª and bracelets,ª rings,ª earrings,ª and tablets,ª to make an atonementª° for¹ our soulsª beforeª the LORD.ª" {Num 31:50} + "And Saulª said,ª° They have broughtª° them from the Amalekites:ª¹ for¹ the peopleª sparedª°¹ the bestª of the sheepª and of the oxen,ª to sacrificeª°¹ unto the LORDª thy God;ª and the restª° we have utterly destroyed.ª°" {1Sm 15:15} + "But the peopleª tookª° of the spoil,ª¹ sheepª and oxen,ª the chiefª of the things which should have been utterly destroyed,ª to sacrificeª° unto the LORDª thy Godª in Gilgal.ª" {1Sm 15:21} + "Which¹ Shelomithª and his brethrenª [were] over¹ all¹ the treasuresª of the dedicated things,ª which¹ Davidª the king,ª and the chiefª fathers,ª the captainsª over thousandsª and hundreds,ª and the captainsª of the host,ª had dedicated.ª° ... Out of¹ the spoilsª won in¹ battlesª did they dedicateª° to maintainª° the houseª of the LORD.ª" {1Ch 26:26-27}
the same time:
Heb. in that day
seven hundred:
"And Solomonª went upª° thither¹ to¹ the brasenª altarª beforeª the LORD,ª which¹ [was] at the tabernacleª of the congregation,ª and offeredª° a thousandª burnt offeringsª upon¹ it." {2Ch 1:6} + "And kingª Solomonª offeredª°¹ a sacrificeª of twentyª and twoª thousandª oxen,ª and an hundredª and twentyª thousandª sheep:ª so the kingª and all¹ the peopleª dedicatedª°¹ the houseª of God.ª" {2Ch 7:5}

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