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{2 Chronicles 10:15} So the king 4428 hearkened 8085 z8804 not x3808 unto x413 the people: 5971 for x3588 the cause 5252 was x1961 of x4480 x5973 God, 430 that x4616 the LORD 3068 might perform 6965 z8687 x853 his word, 1697 which x834 he spake 1696 z8765 by the hand 3027 of Ahijah 281 the Shilonite 7888 to x413 Jeroboam 3379 the son 1121 of Nebat. 5028
the king:
"Wherefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Holy Oneª of Israel,ª Because¹ ye despiseª° this¹ word,ª and trustª° in oppressionª and perverseness,ª° and stayª° thereon:¹ ... Therefore¹ this¹ iniquityª shall be¹ to you as a breachª ready to fall,ª° swelling outª° in a highª° wall,ª whose¹ breakingª comethª° suddenlyª at an instant.ª" {Isa 30:12-13}
the cause:
"And it came to pass,¹ as he talkedª° with¹ him, that [the king] saidª° unto him, Art thou madeª° of the king'sª counsel?ª° forbear;ª° why¹ shouldest thou be smitten?ª° Then the prophetª forbare,ª° and said,ª° I knowª° that¹ Godª hath determinedª° to destroyª° thee, because¹ thou hast doneª° this,¹ and hast not¹ hearkenedª° unto my counsel.ª ... But Amaziahª would not¹ hear;ª° for¹ it¹ [came] of God,ª¹ that¹ he might deliverª° them into the handª [of their enemies], because¹ they sought²° after¹¹ the godsª of Edom.ª" {2Ch 25:16-20} + "But Sihonª kingª of Heshbonª wouldª° not¹ let us passª° by him: for¹ the LORDª thy Godª hardenedª°¹ his spirit,ª and made his heart² obstinate,ª°¹¹ that¹ he might deliverª° him into thy hand,ª as [appeareth] this¹ day.ª" {Deu 2:30} + "But his fatherª and his motherª knewª° not¹ that¹ it¹ [was] of the LORD,ª¹ that¹ he¹ soughtª° an occasionª against the Philistines:ª¹ for at that¹ timeª the Philistinesª had dominionª° over Israel.ª" {Jdg 14:4} + "If¹ one manª sinª° against another,ª the judgeª shall judgeª° him: but if¹ a manª sinª° against the LORD,ª who¹ shall intreatª° for him? Notwithstanding¹ they hearkenedª° not unto the voiceª of their father,ª because¹ the LORDª wouldª° slayª° them." {1Sm 2:25} + "Wherefore the kingª hearkenedª° not¹ unto¹ the people;ª for¹ the causeª was¹ from¹¹ the LORD,ª that¹ he might performª°¹ his saying,ª which¹ the LORDª spakeª° byª Ahijahª the Shiloniteª unto¹ Jeroboamª the sonª of Nebat.ª" {1Kg 12:15} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Ye shall not¹ go up,ª° nor¹ fightª° against¹ your brethrenª the childrenª of Israel:ª returnª° every manª to his house;ª for¹ this¹ thingª isª° from¹¹ me. They hearkenedª° therefore¹ to the wordª of the LORD,ª and returnedª° to depart,²°¹ according to the wordª of the LORD.ª" {1Kg 12:24} + "And the LORDª said,ª° Who¹ shall persuadeª°¹ Ahab,ª that he may go upª° and fallª° at Ramothgilead?ª² And one¹ saidª° on this manner,ª and another¹ saidª° on that manner.ª" {1Kg 22:20} + "The LORDª hath mingledª° a perverseª spiritª in the midstª thereof: and they have caused¹ Egyptª to errª° in every¹ workª thereof, as a drunkenª [man] staggerethª° in his vomit.ª" {Isa 19:14} + "Him,ª being deliveredª by the¹ determinateª° counselª andª foreknowledgeª of God,ª ye have taken,ª° and byª wickedª handsª have crucifiedª° and slain:ª°" {Act 2:23} + "For to doª° whatsoeverª thyª handª andª thyª counselª determined beforeª° to be done.ª°" {Act 4:28}
that the LORD[YHWH]:
"And it came to pass¹ at that¹ timeª when Jeroboamª went outª° of Jerusalem,ª¹ that the prophetª Ahijahª the Shiloniteª foundª° him in the way;ª and he¹ had clad²° himself¹ with a newª garment;ª and they twoª [were] alone¹ in the field:ª ... And I will for¹ this¹ afflictª°¹ the seedª of David,ª but¹ not¹ for ever.ª¹" {1Kg 11:29-39} + "Butª though heª had doneª° so manyª miraclesª beforeª them,ª yet they believedª° notª onª him:ª ... Thereforeªª they couldª° notª believe,ª° becauseª that Esaiasª saidª° again,ª" {Jhn 12:37-39} + "They saidª° thereforeª amongª themselves,ª Let us²° notª rendª° it,ª butª cast lotsª° forª it,ª whoseª it shall be:ª° thatª the¹ scriptureª might be fulfilled,ª° which² saith,ª° They partedª° myª raimentª among them,ª andª forª myª vestureª they did castª° lots.ª These thingsª² thereforeª¹ the¹ soldiersª did.ª°" {Jhn 19:24} + "Thenª cameª° the¹ soldiers,ª andª brakeª° the¹ legsª of the²¹ first,ª andª of the¹ otherª which² was crucified withª° him.ª ... Forª these thingsª were done,ª° thatª the¹ scriptureª should be fulfilled,ª° A boneª of himª shall²° notª be broken.ª°" {Jhn 19:32-36}
"Now the restª of the actsª of Solomon,ª firstª and last,ª [are] they¹ not¹ writtenª° in¹ the bookª of Nathanª the prophet,ª and in¹ the prophecyª of Ahijahª the Shilonite,ª and in the visionsª of Iddoª the seerª against¹ Jeroboamª the sonª of Nebat?ª" {2Ch 9:29} + "And he saidª° to Jeroboam,ª Takeª° thee tenª pieces:ª for¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª the Godª of Israel,ª Behold,¹ I will rendª°¹ the kingdomª out of the handª¹ of Solomon,ª and will giveª°¹ tenª tribesª to thee:" {1Kg 11:31}

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