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{2 Chronicles 10:10} And the young men 3206 that x834 were brought up 1431 z8804 with x854 him spake 1696 z8762 unto x854 him, saying, 559 z8800 Thus x3541 shalt thou answer 559 z8799 the people 5971 that x834 spake 1696 z8765 unto x413 thee, saying, 559 z8800 Thy father 1 made y3513 z0 our yoke y5923 heavy, 3513 z8689 x853 x5923 but make thou [it] somewhat lighter 7043 z8685 x859 for x4480 x5921 us; thus x3541 shalt thou say 559 z8799 unto x413 them, My little 6995 [finger] shall be thicker 5666 z8804 than my father's 1 loins. 4975 x4480
Thus shalt:
"And Hushaiª saidª° unto¹ Absalom,ª The counselª that¹ Ahithophelª hath givenª° [is] not¹ goodª at this¹ time.ª ... Moreover, ifª he be gottenª° into¹ a city,ª then shall all¹ Israelª bringª° ropesª to¹ that¹ city,ª and we will drawª° it into¹ the river,ª until¹¹ there be not¹ one² small¹ stoneª foundª° there.¹" {2Sm 17:7-13} + "[There is] no¹ wisdomª nor¹ understandingª nor¹ counselª against¹ the LORD.ª" {Prv 21:30} + "Surely¹ the princesª of Zoanª [are] fools,ª the counselª of the wiseª counsellorsª° of Pharaohª is become brutish:ª° how¹ sayª° ye unto¹ Pharaoh,ª I¹ [am] the sonª of the wise,ª the sonª of ancientª kings?ª ... The princesª of Zoanª are become fools,ª° the princesª of Nophª are deceived;ª° they have also seducedª°¹ Egypt,ª [even they that are] the stayª of the tribesª thereof." {Isa 19:11-13}
My little finger:
"My weakness," says the Targumist, "shall be stronger than the might of my father." "And the young menª that¹ were grown upª° with¹ him spakeª° unto¹ him, saying,ª° Thus¹ shalt thou speakª° unto this¹ peopleª that¹ spakeª° unto¹ thee, saying,ª° Thy fatherª made²°¹ our yokeª heavy,ª° but make thou¹ [it] lighterª° unto¹¹ us; thus¹ shalt thou sayª° unto¹ them, My littleª [finger] shall be thickerª° than my father'sª loins.ª¹ ... And now¹ whereas my fatherª did ladeª°¹ you with a heavyª yoke,ª I¹ will addª° to¹ your yoke:ª my fatherª hath chastisedª° you with whips,ª but I¹ will chastiseª° you with scorpions.ª" {1Kg 12:10-11} + "Wiseª [men] lay upª° knowledge:ª but the mouthª of the foolishª [is] nearª destruction.ª" {Prv 10:14} + "Every¹ prudentª [man] dealethª° with knowledge:ª but a foolª layeth openª° [his] folly.ª" {Prv 13:16} + "A wiseª [man] feareth,ª and departethª° from evil:ª¹ but the foolª rageth,ª° and is confident.ª°" {Prv 14:16} + "A fool'sª lipsª enterª° into contention,ª and his mouthª callethª° for strokes.ª ... A fool'sª mouthª [is] his destruction,ª and his lipsª [are] the snareª of his soul.ª" {Prv 18:6-7} + "He that is of a proudª heartª stirreth upª° strife:ª but he that putteth his trustª° in¹ the LORDª shall be made fat.ª°" {Prv 28:25} + "A man'sª prideª shall bring him low:ª° but honourª shall upholdª° the humbleª in spirit.ª" {Prv 29:23}

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