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{2 Chronicles 10:4} Thy father 1 made x853 our yoke 5923 grievous: 7185 z8689 now x6258 therefore ease 7043 z8685 thou somewhat the grievous 7186 servitude 5656 x4480 of thy father, 1 and his heavy 3515 yoke 5923 x4480 that x834 he put 5414 z8804 upon x5921 us, and we will serve 5647 z8799 thee.
Thy father:
"And he said,ª° This¹ will be¹ the mannerª of the kingª that¹ shall reignª° over¹ you: He will takeª°¹ your sons,ª and appointª° [them] for himself, for his chariots,ª and [to be] his horsemen;ª and [some] shall runª° beforeª his chariots.ª ... And ye shall cry outª° in that¹ dayª becauseª¹ of your kingª which¹ ye shall have chosenª° you; and the LORDª will not¹ hearª° you in that¹ day.ª" {1Sm 8:11-18} + "Thy fatherª made²°¹ our yokeª grievous:ª° now¹ therefore make thou¹ the grievousª serviceª¹ of thy father,ª and his heavyª yokeª¹ which¹ he putª° upon¹ us, lighter,ª° and we will serveª° thee." {1Kg 12:4} + "I was wrothª° with¹ my people,ª I have pollutedª° mine inheritance,ª and givenª° them into thine hand:ª thou didst shewª° them no¹ mercy;ª upon¹ the ancientª hast thou veryª heavily²° laid¹ thy yoke.ª" {Isa 47:6} + "Takeª° myª yokeª uponª you,ª andª learnª° ofª me;ª forª I amª° meekª andª lowlyª in heart:ª andª ye shall findª° restª unto yourª souls.ª ... Forª myª yokeª [is] easy,ª andª myª burdenª isª° light.ª" {Mtt 11:29-30} + "Forª they bindª° heavyª burdensª andª grievous to be borne,ª andª layª° [them] onª men'sª shoulders;ª butª they [themselves] willª° notª moveª° themª with one of their²¹ fingers.ª" {Mtt 23:4} + "Forª thisª isª° the¹ loveª of God,ª thatª we keepª° his²¹ commandments:ª andª his²¹ commandmentsª areª° notª grievous.ª" {1Jn 5:3}
"And the Egyptiansª made²°¹ the childrenª of Israelª to serveª° with rigour:ª ... And they made²°¹ their livesª bitterª° with hardª bondage,ª in morter,ª and in brick,ª and in all manner¹ of serviceª in the field:ª¹ all¹ their service,ª wherein¹ they made them serve,ª° [was] with rigour.ª" {Exd 1:13-14} + "And it came to pass¹ in process²² of time,ª¹¹ that the kingª of Egyptª died:ª° and the childrenª of Israelª sighedª° by reason ofª the bondage,ª and they cried,ª° and their cryª came upª° unto¹ Godª by reason of¹ the bondage.ª" {Exd 2:23} + "Judahª and Israelª [were] many,ª as the sandª which¹ [is] by¹ the seaª in multitude,ª eatingª° and drinking,ª° and making merry.ª" {1Kg 4:20} + "And Judahª and Israelª dweltª° safely,ª every manª under¹ his vineª and under¹ his fig tree,ª from Danª¹ even to¹ Beersheba,ª all¹ the daysª of Solomon.ª" {1Kg 4:25} + "But of the childrenª¹ of Israelª did Solomonª makeª° no¹ bondmen:ª but¹ they¹ [were] men²¹ of war,ª and his servants,ª and his princes,ª and his captains,ª and rulersª of his chariots,ª and his horsemen.ª" {1Kg 9:22}

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