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{2 Chronicles 6:36} If x3588 they sin 2398 z8799 against thee, (for x3588 [there is] no x369 man 120 which x834 sinneth 2398 z8799 not,) x3808 and thou be angry 599 z8804 with them, and deliver 5414 z8804 them over before 6440 [their] enemies, 341 z8802 and they carry them away y7617 z8804 captives 7617 z8802 unto x413 a land 776 far off 7350 or x176 near; 7138
they sin:
"If¹ they sinª° against thee, (for¹ [there is] no¹ manª that¹ sinnethª° not,)¹ and thou be angryª° with them, and deliverª° them to¹ the enemy,ª° so that they carry them awayª° captivesª° unto²¹ the landª of the enemy,ª° farª or¹ near;ª" {1Kg 8:46} + "And forgiveª° thy peopleª that¹ have sinnedª° against thee, and all¹ their transgressionsª wherein¹ they have transgressedª° against thee, and giveª° them compassionª beforeª them who carried them captive,ª° that they may have compassion²° on¹ them:" {1Kg 8:50}
for there is no man:
"What¹ [is] man,ª that¹ he should be clean?ª° and [he which is] bornª° of a woman,ª that¹ he should be righteous?ª° ... How much more¹¹ abominableª° and filthyª° [is] man,ª which drinkethª° iniquityª° like water?ª" {Job 15:14-16} + "If¹ thou, LORD,ª shouldest markª° iniquities,ª O Lord,ª who¹ shall stand?ª°" {Psa 130:3} + "And enterª° not¹ into judgmentª with¹ thy servant:ª for¹ in thy sightª shall no¹ man¹ livingª be justified.ª°" {Psa 143:2} + "Who¹ can say,ª° I have made my heartª clean,ª° I am pureª° from my sin?ª¹" {Prv 20:9} + "For¹ [there is] not¹ a justª manª upon earth,ª that¹ doethª° good,ª and sinnethª° not.¹" {Ecc 7:20} + "Forª in many thingsª we offendª° all.ª If any manª offendª° notª inª word,ª the sameª [is] a perfectª man,ª [and] ableª alsoª to bridleª° the¹ wholeª body.ª" {Jms 3:2} + "Ifª we sayª° thatª we haveª° noª sin,ª we deceiveª° ourselves,ª andª the¹ truthª isª° notª inª us.ª ... Ifª we sayª° thatª we have²° notª sinned,ª° we makeª° himª a liar,ª andª his²¹ wordª isª° notª inª us.ª" {1Jn 1:8-10}
thou be angry:
"Then¹ shall the landª enjoyª°¹ her sabbaths,ª as long² as¹¹ it lieth desolate,ª° and ye¹ [be] in your enemies'ª° land;ª [even] then¹ shall the landª rest,ª° and enjoyª°¹ her sabbaths.ª ... And yetª for all that,ª¹ when they be²¹ in the landª of their enemies,ª° I will not¹ cast them away,ª° neither¹ will I abhorª° them, to destroy them utterly,ª° and to breakª° my covenantª with¹ them: for¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª their God.ª" {Lev 26:34-44} + "I callª°¹ heavenª and earthª to witnessª° against you this day,ª that¹ ye shall soonª utterly²° perishª° from off¹¹ the landª whereunto¹¹ ye¹ go overª°¹ Jordanª to possessª° it; ye shall not¹ prolongª° [your] daysª upon¹ it, but¹ shall utterly²° be destroyed.ª° ... And the LORDª shall scatterª° you among the nations,ª and ye shall be leftª° fewª in numberª among the heathen,ª whither¹¹ the LORDª shall leadª° you." {Deu 4:26-27} + "The LORDª shall bring²°¹ thee, and thy kingª which¹ thou shalt setª° over¹ thee, unto¹ a nationª which¹ neither¹ thou¹ nor thy fathersª have known;ª° and there¹ shalt thou serveª° otherª gods,ª woodª and stone.ª" {Deu 28:36} + "And the LORDª shall scatterª° thee among all¹ people,ª from the one endª¹ of the earthª even unto¹ the other;ª¹ and there¹ thou shalt serveª° otherª gods,ª which¹ neither¹ thou¹ nor thy fathersª have known,ª° [even] woodª and stone.ª ... And the LORDª shall bringª° thee into Egyptª again²° with ships,ª by the wayª whereof¹ I spakeª° unto thee, Thou shalt seeª° it no¹ more¹ again:²°¹ and there¹ ye shall be soldª° unto your enemiesª° for bondmenª and bondwomen,ª and no man¹ shall buyª° [you]." {Deu 28:64-68} + "Even all¹ nationsª shall say,ª° Wherefore¹¹ hath the LORDª doneª° thus¹ unto this¹ land?ª what¹ [meaneth] the heatª of this¹ greatª anger?ª ... And the LORDª rooted²° them out¹ of¹¹ their landª in anger,ª and in wrath,ª and in greatª indignation,ª and castª° them into¹ anotherª land,ª as [it is] this¹ day.ª" {Deu 29:24-28} + "In the ninthª yearª of Hosheaª the kingª of Assyriaª tookª°¹ Samaria,ª and carried²° Israel² awayª°¹¹ into Assyria,ª and placedª° them in Halahª and in Haborª [by] the riverª of Gozan,ª and in the citiesª of the Medes.ª" {2Kg 17:6} + "Therefore the LORDª was very² angryª°¹ with Israel,ª and removedª° them out of¹¹ his sight:ª there was none¹ leftª° but¹ the tribeª of Judahª only.¹" {2Kg 17:18} + "Until¹¹ the LORDª removedª°¹ Israelª out of¹¹ his sight,ª as¹ he had saidª° byª all¹ his servantsª the prophets.ª So was Israelª carried awayª° out of¹¹ their own landª to Assyriaª unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {2Kg 17:23} + "And the restª of the actsª of Menahem,ª and all¹ that¹ he did,ª° [are] they¹ not¹ writtenª° in¹ the bookª of the chroniclesªª of the kingsª of Israel?ª" {2Kg 15:21} + "O Lord,ª righteousnessª [belongeth] unto thee, but unto us confusionª of faces,ª as at this¹ day;ª to the menª of Judah,ª and to the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem,ª and unto all¹ Israel,ª [that are] near,ª and [that are] far off,ª through all¹ the countriesª whither¹¹ thou hast drivenª° them, because of their trespassª that¹ they have trespassedª° against thee. ... Therefore hath the LORDª watchedª° upon¹ the evil,ª and broughtª° it upon¹ us: for¹ the LORDª our Godª [is] righteousª in¹ all¹ his worksª which¹ he doeth:ª° for we obeyedª° not¹ his voice.ª" {Dan 9:7-14} + "Andª they shall fallª° by the edgeª of the sword,ª andª shall be led away captiveª° intoª allª nations:ª andª Jerusalemª shall beª° trodden downª° ofª the Gentiles,ª untilª the timesª of the Gentilesª be fulfilled.ª°" {Lke 21:24}
they carry them away captives:
Heb. they that take them captives carry them away

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