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{2 Chronicles 6:20} That thine eyes 5869 may be x1961 open 6605 z8803 upon x413 this x2088 house 1004 day 3119 and night, 3915 upon x413 the place 4725 whereof x834 thou hast said 559 z8804 that thou wouldest put 7760 z8800 thy name 8034 there; x8033 to hearken 8085 z8800 unto x413 the prayer 8605 which x834 thy servant 5650 prayeth 6419 z8691 toward x413 this x2088 place. 4725
thine eyes:
"For¹ the eyesª of the LORDª run to and froª° throughout the whole¹ earth,ª to shew himself strongª° in the behalf of¹ [them] whose heartª [is] perfectª toward¹ him. Herein¹¹ thou hast done foolishly:ª° therefore¹ from henceforthª¹ thou shalt haveª wars.ª" {2Ch 16:9} + "That thine eyesª may be¹ openª° toward¹ this¹ houseª nightª and day,ª [even] toward¹ the placeª of which¹ thou hast said,ª° My nameª shall be¹ there:¹ that thou mayest hearkenª° unto¹ the prayerª which¹ thy servantª shall makeª° toward¹ this¹ place.ª ... And hearkenª° thou to¹ the supplicationª of thy servant,ª and of thy peopleª Israel,ª when¹ they shall prayª° toward¹ this¹ place:ª and hearª° thou¹ in¹ heavenª thy dwellingª° place:ª and when thou hearest,ª° forgive.ª°" {1Kg 8:29-30} + "LORD,ª bow downª° thine ear,ª and hear:ª° open,ª° LORD,ª thine eyes,ª and see:ª° and hearª°¹ the wordsª of Sennacherib,ª which¹ hath sentª° him to reproachª° the livingª God.ª" {2Kg 19:16} + "Let thine earª now¹ be¹ attentive,ª and thine eyesª open,ª° that thou mayest hearª°¹ the prayerª of thy servant,ª which¹ I¹ prayª° beforeª thee now,ª dayª and night,ª for¹ the childrenª of Israelª thy servants,ª and confessª°¹ the sinsª of the childrenª of Israel,ª which¹ we have sinnedª° against thee: both I¹ and my father'sª houseª have sinned.ª°" {Neh 1:6} + "The eyesª of the LORDª [are] upon¹ the righteous,ª and his earsª [are open] unto¹ their cry.ª" {Psa 34:15} + "The LORDª [is] thy keeper:ª° the LORDª [is] thy shadeª upon¹ thy rightª hand.ª" {Psa 121:5}
put thy name:
"But I have chosenª° Jerusalem,ª that my nameª might be¹ there;¹ and have chosenª° Davidª to be¹ over¹ my peopleª Israel.ª" {2Ch 6:6} + "That thou shalt takeª° of the firstª¹ of all¹ the fruitª of the earth,ª which¹ thou shalt bringª° of thy landª¹ that¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee, and shalt putª° [it] in a basket,ª and shalt goª° unto¹ the placeª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª shall chooseª° to placeª° his nameª there.¹" {Deu 26:2} + "Forª inª himª dwellethª° allª the¹ fulnessª of the¹ Godheadª bodily.ª" {Col 2:9}
toward this place:
or, in this place, "Now when¹ Danielª knewª° that¹ the writingª was signed,ª° he wentª° into his house;ª and his windowsª being openª° in his chamberª towardª Jerusalem,ª he¹ kneeledª° uponª his kneesª threeª timesª a day,ª and prayed,ª° and gave thanksª° beforeª his God,ª asªª¹ he didªª°° aforetime.ªªª" {Dan 6:10}

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