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{2 Chronicles 6:12} And he stood 5975 z8799 before 6440 the altar 4196 of the LORD 3068 in the presence of x5048 all x3605 the congregation 6951 of Israel, 3478 and spread forth 6566 z8799 his hands: 3709
he stood:
"And Solomonª stoodª° beforeª the altarª of the LORDª in the presence¹ of² all¹ the congregationª of Israel,ª and spread forthª° his handsª toward heaven:ª ... For¹ thou¹ didst separateª° them from among all¹¹ the peopleª of the earth,ª [to be] thine inheritance,ª as¹ thou spakestª° by the handª of Mosesª thy servant,ª when thou broughtestª°¹ our fathersª out of Egypt,ª¹ O Lordª GOD.²¹" {1Kg 8:22-53} + "And when she looked,ª° behold,¹ the kingª stoodª° by¹ a pillar,ª as the mannerª [was], and the princesª and the trumpetersª by¹ the king,ª and all¹ the peopleª of the landª rejoiced,ª and blewª° with trumpets:ª and Athaliahª rentª°¹ her clothes,ª and cried,ª° Treason,ª Treason.ª" {2Kg 11:14} + "And the kingª stoodª° by¹ a pillar,ª and madeª°¹ a covenantª beforeª the LORD,ª to walk²°¹ afterª the LORD,ª and to keepª° his commandmentsª and his testimoniesª and his statutesª with all¹ [their] heartª and all¹ [their] soul,ª to performª°¹ the wordsª of this¹ covenantª that were writtenª° in¹ this¹ book.ª And all¹ the peopleª stoodª° to the covenant.ª" {2Kg 23:3} + "[[A Psalmª of David.]]ª Giveª° unto the LORD,ª O ye mighty,ªª giveª° unto the LORDª gloryª and strength.ª ... Giveª° unto the LORDª the gloryª due unto his name;ª worshipª° the LORDª in the beautyª of holiness.ª" {Psa 29:1-2}
spread forth:
"And Mosesª went outª° of¹ the cityª from¹¹ Pharaoh,ª and spread abroadª° his handsª unto¹ the LORD:ª and the thundersª and hailª ceased,ª° and the rainª was not¹ pouredª° upon the earth.ª" {Exd 9:33} + "If¹ thou¹ prepareª° thine heart,ª and stretch²° out¹ thine handsª toward¹ him;" {Job 11:13} + "Hearª° the voiceª of my supplications,ª when I cryª° unto¹ thee, when I lift upª° my handsª toward¹ thy holyª oracle.ª" {Psa 28:2} + "Thus¹ will I blessª° thee while I live:ª I will lift upª° my handsª in thy name.ª" {Psa 63:4} + "Princesª shall come outª° of¹ Egypt;ª Ethiopiaª shall soon stretch outª° her handsª unto God.ª" {Psa 68:31} + "Let my prayerª be set forthª° beforeª thee [as] incense;ª [and] the lifting upª of my handsª [as] the eveningª sacrifice.ª" {Psa 141:2} + "I stretch forthª° my handsª unto thee:¹ my soulª [thirsteth] after thee, as a thirstyª land.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 143:6} + "Who¹ [is] among you that fearethª the LORD,ª that obeyethª° the voiceª of his servant,ª that¹ walkethª° [in] darkness,ª and hath no¹ light?ª let him trustª° in the nameª of the LORD,ª and stayª° upon his God.ª" {Isa 50:10} + "I willª° thereforeª that menª prayª° everyª² where,ª lifting upª° holyª hands,ª withoutª wrathª andª doubting.ª" {1Tm 2:8}

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