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{2 Chronicles 1:11} And God 430 said 559 z8799 to Solomon, 8010 Because x3282 x834 this x2063 was x1961 in x5973 thine heart, 3824 and thou hast not x3808 asked 7592 z8804 riches, 6239 wealth, 5233 or honour, 3519 nor the life 5315 of thine enemies, 8130 z8802 neither x3808 yet x1571 hast asked 7592 z8804 long y7227 life; 3117 x7227 but hast asked 7592 z8799 wisdom 2451 and knowledge 4093 for thyself, that x834 thou mayest judge 8199 z8799 x853 my people, 5971 over x5921 whom x834 I have made thee king: 4427 z8689
This does not occur in Kings, and it implies that the request of Solomon, as arising from a spiritual judgment and heart, was peculiarly acceptable to that God who searches, regards, and demands the heart. God promised Solomon all the things which he had not asked, except the life of his enemies; for he was to be a peaceable king, a type of the Prince of peace.
this was:
"But the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Samuel,ª Lookª° not¹ on¹ his countenance,ª or on¹ the heightª of his stature;ª because¹ I have refusedª° him: for¹ [the LORD seeth] not¹ as¹ manª seeth;ª° for¹ manª lookethª° on the outward appearance,ª but the LORDª lookethª° on the heart.ª" {1Sm 16:7} + "And Godª saidª° unto¹ him, Because¹¹ thou hast askedª°¹ this¹ thing,ª and hast not¹ askedª° for thyself longª life;ª neither¹ hast askedª° richesª for thyself, nor¹ hast askedª° the lifeª of thine enemies;ª° but hast askedª° for thyself understandingª° to discernª° judgment;ª ... And I have also¹ givenª° thee that which¹ thou hast not¹ asked,ª° both¹ riches,ª and¹ honour:ª so that¹ there shall not¹ be¹ anyª among the kingsª like unto thee¹ all¹ thy days.ª" {1Kg 3:11-13} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Davidª my father,ª Whereasªª it was¹ in¹ thine heartª to buildª° an houseª unto my name,ª thou didst wellª° that¹ it was¹ in¹ thine heart.ª" {1Kg 8:18} + "Then Davidª the kingª stood upª° upon¹ his feet,ª and said,ª° Hearª° me, my brethren,ª and my people:ª [As for me], I¹ [had] in¹ mine heartª to buildª° an houseª of restª for the arkª of the covenantª of the LORD,ª and for the footstoolªª of our God,ª and had made readyª° for the building:ª°" {1Ch 28:2} + "I knowª° also, my God,ª that¹ thou¹ triestª° the heart,ª and hast pleasureª° in uprightness.ª As for me,¹ in the uprightnessª of mine heartª I have willingly offeredª° all¹ these things:¹ and now¹ have I seenª° with joyª thy people,ª which are presentª° here,¹ to offer willinglyª° unto thee. ... O LORDª Godª of Abraham,ª Isaac,ª and of Israel,ª our fathers,ª keepª° this¹ for everª in the imaginationª of the thoughtsª of the heartª of thy people,ª and prepareª° their heartª unto¹ thee:" {1Ch 29:17-18} + "For¹ as¹ he thinkethª° in his heart,ª so¹ [is] he:¹ Eatª° and drink,ª° saithª° he to thee; but his heartª [is] not¹ with thee.¹" {Prv 23:7} + "Whiles it remained,ª° was it not² thine own?ªª°¹ andª after it was sold,ª° was¹ it not²° inª thine ownª power?ª¹ whyª² hast thou conceivedª° thisª thingª inª thineª heart?ª thou hast²° notª liedª° unto men,ª butª unto God.ª" {Act 5:4} + "Forª the¹ wordª of Godª [is] quick,ª° andª powerful,ª andª sharperª thanª anyª twoedgedª sword,ª piercingª° even¹ toª the dividing asunderª of¹ soulª andª² spirit,ª andª² of the jointsª andª marrow,ª andª [is] a discernerª of the thoughtsª andª intentsª of the heart.ª" {Hbr 4:12}
that thou mayest:
"And all¹ Israelª heardª° of¹ the judgmentª which¹ the kingª had judged;ª° and they fearedª°¹¹ the king:²¹ for¹ they sawª° that¹ the wisdomª of Godª [was] in him,ª to doª° judgment.ª" {1Kg 3:28} + "The wisdomª of the prudentª [is] to understandª° his way:ª but the follyª of foolsª [is] deceit.ª" {Prv 14:8} + "Whoª [is] a wise manª andª endued with knowledgeª amongª you?ª let him shewª° out ofª a goodª conversationª his²¹ worksª withª meeknessª of wisdom.ª" {Jms 3:13} + "Butª the¹ wisdomª that is from aboveª isª° firstª¹ pure,ª² thenª peaceable,ª gentle,ª [and] easy to be intreated,ª fullª of mercyª andª goodª fruits,ª without partiality,ª andª without hypocrisy.ª" {Jms 3:17}

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