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{2 Chronicles 1:10} Give 5414 z8798 me now x6258 wisdom 2451 and knowledge, 4093 that I may go out 3318 z8799 and come in 935 z8799 before 6440 this x2088 people: 5971 for x3588 who x4310 can judge 8199 z8799 this x2088 x853 thy people, 5971 [that is so] great? 1419
Give me:
"Giveª° therefore thy servantª an understandingª° heartª to judgeª°¹ thy people,ª that I may discernª° between¹ goodª and bad:ª for¹ who¹ is ableª° to judgeª° this¹ thy so greatª¹ a people?ª" {1Kg 3:9} + "Give me understanding,ª° and I shall keepª° thy law;ª yea, I shall observeª° it with [my] whole¹ heart.ª" {Psa 119:34} + "JOD. Thy handsª have madeª° me and fashionedª° me: give me understanding,ª° that I may learnª° thy commandments.ª" {Psa 119:73} + "So that thou inclineª° thine earª unto wisdom,ª [and] applyª° thine heartª to understanding;ª ... For¹ the LORDª givethª° wisdom:ª out of his mouthª¹ [cometh] knowledgeª and understanding.ª" {Prv 2:2-6} + "Happyª [is] the manª [that] findethª° wisdom,ª and the manª [that] gettethª° understanding.ª ... She¹ [is] a treeª of lifeª to them that lay holdª° upon her: and happyª° [is every one] that retainethª° her." {Prv 3:13-18} + "Wisdomª [is] the principal thing;ª [therefore] getª° wisdom:ª and with all¹ thy gettingª get¹ understanding.ª" {Prv 4:7} + "ª If¹ any²¹ of youª lackª° wisdom,ª let him askª° ofª God,ª that givethª° to allª [men] liberally,ª andª upbraidethª° not;ª andª it shall be givenª° him.ª" {Jms 1:5}
go out:
"Which¹ may go outª° beforeª them, and which¹ may go inª° beforeª them, and which¹ may lead them out,ª° and which¹ may bring them in;ª° that the congregationª of the LORDª be¹ not¹ as sheepª which¹ have no¹ shepherd.ª°" {Num 27:17} + "And he saidª° unto¹ them, I¹ [am] an hundredª and twentyª yearsª oldª this day;ª I canª° no¹ more¹ go outª° and come in:ª° also the LORDª hath saidª° unto¹ me, Thou shalt not¹ go overª°¹ this¹ Jordan.ª" {Deu 31:2} + "Also¹ in time past,ªª when Saulª was¹ kingª over¹ us, thou¹ wast¹ he that leddest outª° and broughtest¹¹ in²° Israel:ª and the LORDª saidª° to thee, Thou¹ shalt feedª°¹ my peopleª¹ Israel,ª and thou¹ shalt be¹ a captainª over¹ Israel.ª" {2Sm 5:2}
for who can:
"To² the oneª¹ [we are] the savourª of deathª untoª death;ª andª to the otherª the savourª of lifeª untoª life.ª Andª whoª [is] sufficientª forª these things?ª" {2Co 2:16} + "Notª thatª we areª° sufficientª ofª ourselvesª to thinkª° any thingª asª ofª ourselves;ª butª ourª sufficiencyª [is] ofª God;ª" {2Co 3:5}

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