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{1 Chronicles 29:25} And the LORD 3068 magnified 1431 z8762 x853 Solomon 8010 exceedingly 4605 in the sight 5869 of all x3605 Israel, 3478 and bestowed 5414 z8799 upon x5921 him [such] royal 4438 majesty 1935 as x834 had not x3808 been x1961 on x5921 any x3605 king 4428 before 6440 him in x5921 Israel. 3478
magnified Solomon:
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Joshua,ª This¹ dayª will I beginª° to magnifyª° thee in the sightª of all¹ Israel,ª that¹ they may knowª° that,¹ as¹ I was¹ with¹ Moses,ª [so] I will be¹ with¹ thee." {Jsh 3:7} + "On that¹ dayª the LORDª magnifiedª°¹ Joshuaª in the sightª of all¹ Israel;ª and they fearedª° him, as¹ they fearedª°¹ Moses,ª all¹ the daysª of his life.ª" {Jsh 4:14} + "And Solomonª the sonª of Davidª was strengthenedª° in¹ his kingdom,ª and the LORDª his Godª [was] with¹ him, and magnifiedª° him exceedingly.ª" {2Ch 1:1} + "What¹ [is] man,ª that¹ thou shouldest magnifyª° him? and that¹ thou shouldest setª° thine heartª upon¹ him?" {Job 7:17} + "Andª thisª wasª° knownª to allª the Jewsª and²¹ Greeksª also²¹ dwellingª° at Ephesus;ª andª fearª fellª° onª themª all,ª andª the¹ nameª of the¹ Lordª Jesusª was magnified.ª°" {Act 19:17}
"And I have also¹ givenª° thee that which¹ thou hast not¹ asked,ª° both¹ riches,ª and¹ honour:ª so that¹ there shall not¹ be¹ anyª among the kingsª like unto thee¹ all¹ thy days.ª" {1Kg 3:13} + "Wisdomª and knowledgeª [is] grantedª° unto thee; and I will giveª° thee riches,ª and wealth,ª and honour,ª such as¹¹ none¹ of the kingsª have had¹ that¹ [have been] beforeª thee, neither¹ shall there any afterª thee have¹ the like.¹" {2Ch 1:12} + "So I was great,ª° and increased²° more¹ than all¹¹ that were¹¹ beforeª me in Jerusalem:ª also¹ my wisdomª remainedª° with me." {Ecc 2:9} + "O thouª king,ª the most highª Godª gaveª° Nebuchadnezzarª thy fatherª a kingdom,ª and majesty,ª and glory,ª and honour:ª ... And forª the majestyª that¹ he gaveª° him, allª people,ª nations,ª and languages,ª trembledªª° and fearedª° beforeª¹ him:² whom¹ he wouldªª°° he slew;ªª°° and whom¹ he wouldªª°° he kept alive;ªª°° and whom¹ he wouldªª°° he set up;ªª°° and whom¹ he wouldªª°° he put down.ªª°°" {Dan 5:18-19} + "Butª we seeª° Jesus,ª who² was made²° a little²² lowerª°¹¹ thanª the angelsª forª the¹ sufferingª of death,ª crownedª° with gloryª andª honour;ª thatª he²° by the graceª of Godª should tasteª° deathª forª every man.ª" {Hbr 2:9}

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