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{1 Chronicles 29:3} Moreover, x5750 because I have set my affection 7521 z8800 to the house 1004 of my God, 430 I have 3426 of mine own proper good, 5459 of gold 2091 and silver, 3701 [which] I have given 5414 z8804 to the house 1004 of my God, 430 over x4605 and above y4605 all x4480 x3605 that I have prepared 3559 z8689 for the holy 6944 house, 1004
I have set:
"LORD,ª I have lovedª° the habitationª of thy house,ª and the placeª where thine honourª dwelleth.ª" {Psa 26:8} + "Oneª [thing] have I desiredª° of¹¹ the LORD,ª that will I seek²° after;¹ that I may dwellª° in the houseª of the LORDª all¹ the daysª of my life,ª to beholdª° the beautyª of the LORD,ª and to enquireª° in his temple.ª" {Psa 27:4} + "[[To the chief Musicianª° upon¹ Gittith,ª A Psalmª for the sonsª of Korah.]]ª How¹ amiableª [are] thy tabernacles,ª O LORDª of hosts!ª" {Psa 84:1} + "For¹ a dayª in thy courtsª [is] betterª than a thousand.ª¹ I had ratherª° be a doorkeeperª° in the houseª of my God,ª than to dwellª°¹ in the tentsª of wickedness.ª" {Psa 84:10} + "[[A Songª of degreesª of David.]]ª I was gladª° when they saidª° unto me, Let us go²°¹ into the houseª of the LORD.ª ... Because of¹ the houseª of the LORDª our Godª I will seekª° thy good.ª" {Psa 122:1-9}
I have:
"And kingª Davidª saidª° to Ornan,ª Nay;¹ but¹ I will verily²° buyª° it for the fullª price:ª for¹ I will not¹ takeª° [that] which¹ [is] thine for the LORD,ª nor offerª° burnt offeringsª without cost.ª" {1Ch 21:24} + "Honourª°¹ the LORDª with thy substance,ª¹ and with the firstfruitsª¹ of all¹ thine increase:ª ... So shall thy barnsª be filledª° with plenty,ª and thy pressesª shall burst outª° with new wine.ª" {Prv 3:9-10}
of mine own proper good:
i.e. "of my own private property", at present we only use the plural goods to designate property or personal effects. over and above. "Also cedarª treesª in abundance:ªª for¹ the Zidoniansª and they of Tyreª broughtª° muchª cedarª woodª to David.ª ... And Davidª said,ª° Solomonª my sonª [is] youngª and tender,ª and the houseª [that is] to be buildedª° for the LORDª [must be] exceedingª magnifical,ª° of fameª and of gloryª throughout all¹ countries:ª I will [therefore] now¹ make preparationª° for it. So Davidª preparedª° abundantlyª beforeª his death.ª" {1Ch 22:4-5} + "Now, behold,¹ in my troubleª I have preparedª° for the houseª of the LORDª an hundredª thousandª talentsª of gold,ª and a thousandª thousandª talentsª of silver;ª and of brassª and ironª without¹ weight;ª for¹ it is¹ in abundance:ª timberª also and stoneª have I prepared;ª° and thou mayest addª° thereto.¹ ... Of the gold,ª the silver,ª and the brass,ª and the iron,ª [there is] no¹ number.ª Ariseª° [therefore], and be doing,ª° and the LORDª be¹ with¹ thee." {1Ch 22:14-16}

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