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{1 Chronicles 21:13} And David 1732 said 559 z8799 unto x413 Gad, 1410 I am in a great y3966 strait: 6887 z8804 x3966 let me fall 5307 z8799 now x4994 into the hand 3027 of the LORD; 3068 for x3588 very 3966 great 7227 [are] his mercies: 7356 but let me not x408 fall 5307 z8799 into the hand 3027 of man. 120
I am in:
"And when the servantª° of the manª of Godª was risenª° early,ª° and gone forth,ª° behold,¹ an hostª compassedª°¹ the cityª both with horsesª and chariots.ª And his servantª saidª° unto¹ him, Alas,ª my master!ª how¹ shall we do?ª°" {2Kg 6:15} + "If¹ we say,ª° We will enterª° into the city,ª then the famineª [is] in the city,ª and we shall dieª° there:¹ and if¹ we sit¹ still²° here,¹ we dieª° also. Now¹ therefore come,²°¹ and let us fallª° unto¹ the hostª of the Syrians:ª if¹ they save us alive,ª° we shall live;ª° and if¹ they killª° us, we shall but die.ª°" {2Kg 7:4} + "All¹ the king'sª servants,ª and the peopleª of the king'sª provinces,ª do know,ª° that¹ whosoever,¹¹ whether¹ manª or woman,ª shall comeª° unto¹ the kingª into¹ the innerª court,ª who¹ is not¹ called,ª° [there is] oneª lawª of his to put [him] to death,ª° exceptª such to whom¹¹ the kingª shall hold outª°¹ the goldenª sceptre,ª that he may live:ª° but I¹ have not¹ been calledª° to come inª° unto¹ the kingª these¹ thirtyª days.ª" {Est 4:11} + "Go,²°¹ gather togetherª°¹ all¹ the Jewsª that are presentª° in Shushan,ª and fastª° ye for¹ me, and neither¹ eatª° nor¹ drinkª° threeª days,ª nightª or day:ª I¹ also¹ and my maidensª will fastª° likewise;¹ and soª will I go²° in¹ unto¹ the king,ª which¹ [is] not¹ according to the law:ª and if¹ I perish,ª° I perish.ª°" {Est 4:16} + "Nowª is²° myª soulª troubled;ª° andª whatª shall I say?ª° Father,ª saveª° meª fromª thisª hour:ª butª for this² causeª¹ came¹ I²° untoª thisª hour.ª" {Jhn 12:27} + "Forª I am in a straitª° betwixtª two,ª havingª° a desireª to² depart,ª° andª to beª° withª Christ;ª which is farªª better:²¹" {Php 1:23}
let me fall:
David here acted nobly: had he chosen war, his personal safety was in no danger, as there was an ordinance preventing him from going to battle; and in famine, his wealth would have secured his and his family's support; but all were equally exposed to the pestilence. "[It is] a fearful thingª to fallª° intoª the handsª of the livingª° God.ª" {Hbr 10:31}
or, many, "And the LORDª passed byª° before¹¹ him,² and proclaimed,ª° The LORD,ª The LORDª God,ª mercifulª and gracious,ª longsuffering,ªª and abundantª in goodnessª and truth,ª ... Keepingª° mercyª for thousands,ª forgivingª° iniquityª and transgressionª and sin,ª and that will by no means²° clearª°¹ [the guilty]; visitingª° the iniquityª of the fathersª upon¹ the children,ª and upon¹ the children'sª children,¹ unto¹ the thirdª and to¹ the fourthª [generation]." {Exd 34:6-7} + "But as for me,¹ I will comeª° [into] thy houseª in the multitudeª of thy mercy:ª [and] in thy fearª will I worshipª° toward¹ thy holyª temple.ª" {Psa 5:7} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª of David,ª when Nathanª the prophetª cameª° unto¹ him, after¹ he had gone inª° to¹ Bathsheba.]]ª Have mercyª° upon me, O God,ª according to thy lovingkindness:ª according unto the multitudeª of thy tender merciesª blot outª° my transgressions.ª ... Washª° me throughlyª° from mine iniquity,ª¹ and cleanseª° me from my sin.ª¹" {Psa 51:1-2} + "But as for me,¹ my prayerª [is] unto thee, O LORD,ª [in] an acceptableª time:ª O God,ª in the multitudeª of thy mercyª hearª° me, in the truthª of thy salvation.ª" {Psa 69:13} + "Hearª° me, O LORD;ª for¹ thy lovingkindnessª [is] good:ª turnª° unto¹ me according to the multitudeª of thy tender mercies.ª" {Psa 69:16} + "For¹ thou,¹ Lord,ª [art] good,ª and ready to forgive;ª and plenteousª in mercyª unto all¹ them that call²° upon¹ thee." {Psa 86:5} + "But thou,¹ O Lord,ª [art] a Godª full of compassion,ª and gracious,ª longsuffering,ªª and plenteousª in mercyª and truth.ª" {Psa 86:15} + "The LORDª [is] mercifulª and gracious,ª slowª to anger,ª and plenteousª in mercy.ª" {Psa 103:8} + "Our fathersª understoodª° not¹ thy wondersª° in Egypt;ª they rememberedª° not¹¹ the multitudeª of thy mercies;ª but provokedª° [him] at¹ the sea,ª [even] at the Redª sea.ª" {Psa 106:7} + "Let Israelª hopeª° in¹ the LORD:ª for¹ with¹ the LORDª [there is] mercy,ª and with¹ him [is] plenteousª° redemption.ª" {Psa 130:7} + "Let the wickedª forsakeª° his way,ª and the unrighteousª manª his thoughts:ª and let him returnª° unto¹ the LORD,ª and he will have mercyª° upon him; and to¹ our God,ª for¹ he will abundantlyª° pardon.ª°" {Isa 55:7} + "I will mentionª° the lovingkindnessesª of the LORD,ª [and] the praisesª of the LORD,ª according¹ to all¹ that¹ the LORDª hath bestowedª° on us, and the greatª goodnessª toward the houseª of Israel,ª which¹ he hath bestowedª° on them according to his mercies,ª and according to the multitudeª of his lovingkindnesses.ª" {Isa 63:7} + "Look downª° from heaven,ª¹ and beholdª° from the habitationª¹ of thy holinessª and of thy glory:ª where¹ [is] thy zealª and thy strength,ª the soundingª of thy bowelsª and of thy merciesª toward¹ me? are they restrained?ª°" {Isa 63:15} + "But¹ though¹ he cause grief,ª° yet will he have compassionª° according to the multitudeª of his mercies.ª" {Lam 3:32} + "Who¹ can tellª° [if] Godª will turnª° and repent,ª° and turn awayª° from his fierceª¹ anger,ª that we perishª° not?¹" {Jna 3:9} + "And he prayedª° unto¹ the LORD,ª and said,ª° I pray² thee,¹ O LORD,ª [was] not¹ this¹ my saying,ª when I was¹ yet¹ in¹ my country?ª Therefore¹¹ I fledª° beforeª° unto Tarshish:ª for¹ I knewª° that¹ thou¹ [art] a graciousª God,ª and merciful,ª slowª to anger,ª and of greatª kindness,ª and repentestª° thee of¹ the evil.ª" {Jna 4:2} + "Who¹ [is] a Godª like unto thee,¹ that pardonethª° iniquity,ª and passeth byª°¹ the transgressionª of the remnantª of his heritage?ª he retainethª° not¹ his angerª for ever,ª because¹ he¹ delightethª° [in] mercy.ª" {Mic 7:18} + "O LORD,ª I have heardª° thy speech,ª [and] was afraid:ª° O LORD,ª reviveª° thy workª in the midstª of the years,ª in the midstª of the yearsª make known;ª° in wrathª rememberª° mercy.ª°" {Hab 3:2}
but let me:
"But a prophetª of the LORDª was¹ there,¹ whose nameª [was] Oded:ª and he went outª° beforeª the hostª that cameª° to Samaria,ª and saidª° unto them, Behold,¹ because the LORDª Godª of your fathersª was wrothª with¹ Judah,ª he hath deliveredª° them into your hand,ª and ye have slainª° them in a rageª [that] reacheth upª° unto¹ heaven.ª" {2Ch 28:9} + "A righteousª [man] regardethª° the lifeª of his beast:ª but the tender merciesª of the wickedª [are] cruel.ª" {Prv 12:10} + "They bearª° him upon¹ the shoulder,ª they carryª° him, and set¹ him in his place,²°¹ and he standeth;ª° from his placeª¹ shall he not¹ remove:ª° yea,¹ [one] shall cryª° unto¹ him, yet can he not¹ answer,ª° nor¹ saveª° him out of his trouble.ª¹" {Isa 46:7} + "I was wrothª° with¹ my people,ª I have pollutedª° mine inheritance,ª and givenª° them into thine hand:ª thou didst shewª° them no¹ mercy;ª upon¹ the ancientª hast thou veryª heavily²° laid¹ thy yoke.ª" {Isa 47:6}

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