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{1 Chronicles 14:15} And it shall be, x1961 when thou shalt hear 8085 z8800 x853 a sound 6963 of going 6807 in the tops 7218 of the mulberry trees, 1057 [that] then x227 thou shalt go out 3318 z8799 to battle: 4421 for x3588 God 430 is gone forth 3318 z8804 before 6440 thee to smite 5221 z8687 x853 the host 4264 of the Philistines. 6430
when thou shalt hear:
Some, taking the word bechaim, translated "mulberry trees," as a proper name, render, "when thou shalt hear a sound of going upon the summits of Bechaim;" other understanding rosh, "a top," in the sense of beginning or entrance, read, "when thou hearest a sound of footsteps at the entrance of the grove of mulberry trees;" and others think a rustling among the leaves is intended. The Targumist read, "When thou shalt hear the sound of the angels coming to thy assistance, then go out to battle; for an angel is sent from the presence of God, that he may render thy way prosperous." If there had not been an evident supernatural interference, David might have thought that the ruse de guerre which he had used, was the cause of his victory. "And upon them that are leftª° [alive] of you I will sendª° a faintnessª into their heartsª in the landsª of their enemies;ª° and the soundª of a shakenª° leafª shall chaseª° them; and they shall flee,ª° as fleeingª from a sword;ª and they shall fallª° when none¹ pursueth.ª°" {Lev 26:36} + "For the Lordª had made¹ the hostª of the Syriansª to hearª° a noiseª of chariots,ª and a noiseª of horses,ª [even] the noiseª of a greatª host:ª and they saidª° oneª to¹ another,ª Lo,¹ the kingª of Israelª hath hiredª° against¹ us¹ the kingsª of the Hittites,ª and the kingsª of the Egyptians,ª to comeª° upon¹ us." {2Kg 7:6} + "Behold,¹ I will sendª° a blastª upon him, and he shall hearª° a rumour,ª and shall returnª° to his own land;ª and I will cause him to fallª° by the swordª in his own land.ª" {2Kg 19:7} + "Andª suddenlyª there cameª° a soundª fromª heavenª asª of a rushingª° mightyª wind,ª andª it filledª° allª the¹ houseª whereª they wereª° sitting.ª°" {Act 2:2}
then thou:
"And Deborahª saidª° unto¹ Barak,ª Up;ª° for¹ this¹ [is] the dayª in which¹ the LORDª hath deliveredª°¹ Siseraª into thine hand:ª is not¹ the LORDª gone outª° beforeª thee? So Barakª went downª° from mountª¹ Tabor,ª and tenª thousandª menª afterª him." {Jdg 4:14} + "And it came to pass¹ the same¹ night,ª that the LORDª saidª° unto¹ him, Arise,ª° get thee downª° unto the host;ª for¹ I have deliveredª° it into thine hand.ª" {Jdg 7:9} + "And it was¹ [so], when Gideonª heardª°¹ the tellingª of the dream,ª and the interpretationª thereof, that he worshipped,ª° and returnedª° into¹ the hostª of Israel,ª and said,ª° Arise;ª° for¹ the LORDª hath deliveredª° into your handª¹ the hostª of Midian.ª" {Jdg 7:15} + "If¹ they sayª° thus¹ unto¹ us, Tarryª° until¹ we comeª° to¹ you; then we will stand stillª° in our place,¹ and will not¹ go upª° unto¹ them. ... Likewise all¹ the menª of Israelª which had hid²° themselves¹ in mountª Ephraim,ª [when] they heardª° that¹ the Philistinesª fled,ª° even they¹ also¹ followed hardª° afterª them in the battle.ª" {1Sm 14:9-22} + "Wherefore,ª myª beloved,ª asª ye have²° alwaysª obeyed,ª° notª asª inª myª presenceª only,ª butª nowª muchª moreª inª myª absence,ª work outª° your ownª salvationª withª fearª andª trembling.ª ... Forª it isª° Godª which² workethª° inª youª bothª to willª° andª to doª° of² [his]¹ good pleasure.ª" {Php 2:12-13}
for God:
"The noiseª of a multitudeª in the mountains,ª like¹ as² of a greatª people;ª a tumultuousª noiseª of the kingdomsª of nationsª gathered together:ª° the LORDª of hostsª musterethª° the hostª of the battle.ª" {Isa 13:4} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª to his anointed,ª to Cyrus,ª whose¹ right handª I have holden,ª° to subdueª° nationsª beforeª him; and I will looseª° the loinsª of kings,ª to openª° beforeª him the two leaved gates;ª and the gatesª shall not¹ be shut;ª° ... I¹ will go²°¹ beforeª thee, and make²° the crooked places²° straight:ª°°°¹ I will break in piecesª° the gatesª of brass,ª and cut in sunderª° the barsª of iron:ª" {Isa 45:1-2} + "I will surely²° assemble,ª° O Jacob,ª all¹ of thee; I will surely²° gatherª° the remnantª of Israel;ª I will putª° them togetherª as the sheepª of Bozrah,ª°² as the flockª in the midstª of their fold:ª they shall make great noiseª° by reason of [the multitude of] men.ª¹ ... The breakerª° is come upª° beforeª them: they have broken up,ª° and have passed throughª° the gate,ª and are gone outª° by it: and their kingª shall passª° beforeª them, and the LORDª on the headª of them." {Mic 2:12-13}

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