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{1 Chronicles 14:2} And David 1732 perceived 3045 z8799 that x3588 the LORD 3068 had confirmed 3559 z8689 him king 4428 over x5921 Israel, 3478 for x3588 his kingdom 4438 was lifted up 5375 z8738 on high, 4605 because of x5668 his people 5971 Israel. 3478
"And [yet] this¹ was a small thingª° in thine eyes,ª O God;ª for thou hast [also] spokenª° of¹ thy servant'sª houseª for a great while to come,ª¹ and hast regardedª° me according to the estateª of a manª of high degree,ª O LORDª God.ª" {1Ch 17:17} + "And thine houseª and thy kingdomª shall be establishedª° forª¹ ever²¹ before² thee: thy throneª shall be¹ establishedª° for² ever.ª¹" {2Sm 7:16} + "I have foundª° Davidª my servant;ª with my holyª oilª have I anointedª° him: ... It shall be establishedª° for everª as the moon,ª and [as] a faithfulª° witnessª in heaven.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 89:20-37}
his kingdom:
"He shall pourª° the waterª out²° of his buckets,ª¹ and his seedª [shall be] in manyª waters,ª and his kingª shall be higherª° than Agag,ª¹ and his kingdomª shall be exalted.ª°" {Num 24:7} + "Now¹ therefore¹ so shalt thou sayª° unto my servantª David,ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª I¹ tookª° thee from¹ the sheepcote,ª from followingª¹ the sheep,ª to be¹ rulerª over¹ my people,ª over¹ Israel:ª" {2Sm 7:8}
"Blessedª° be¹ the LORDª thy God,ª which¹ delightedª° in thee, to setª° thee on¹ the throneª of Israel:ª because the LORDª loved²¹¹ Israelª for ever,ª therefore madeª° he thee king,ª to doª° judgmentª and justice.ª" {1Kg 10:9} + "Then Huramª the kingª of Tyreª answeredª° in writing,ª which he sentª° to¹ Solomon,ª Because the LORDª hath lovedª¹ his people,ª he hath madeª° thee kingª over¹ them." {2Ch 2:11} + "For¹ if¹ thou altogether²° holdest thy peaceª° at this¹ time,ª [then] shall there enlargementª and deliveranceª ariseª° to the Jewsª from another² place;ª¹¹ but thou¹ and thy father'sª houseª shall be destroyed:ª° and who¹ knowethª° whether¹ thou art comeª° to the kingdomª for [such] a timeª as this?¹" {Est 4:14} + "And I will turnª° my handª upon¹ thee, and purely²¹ purge awayª° thy dross,ª and take awayª° all¹ thy tin:ª ... Zionª shall be redeemedª° with judgment,ª and her convertsª° with righteousness.ª" {Isa 1:25-27} + "But as for me,ª thisª secretª is notª revealedª° to me for [any] wisdomª that¹ I haveª more thanª anyª living,ª butª for [their] sakesª¹ that²¹ shall make knownª° the interpretationª to the king,ª and that thou mightest knowª° the thoughtsª of thy heart.ª" {Dan 2:30}

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