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{1 Chronicles 9:19} And Shallum 7967 the son 1121 of Kore, 6981 the son 1121 of Ebiasaph, 43 the son 1121 of Korah, 7141 and his brethren, 251 of the house 1004 of his father, 1 the Korahites, 7145 [were] over x5921 the work 4399 of the service, 5656 keepers 8104 z8802 of the gates 5592 of the tabernacle: 168 and their fathers, 1 [being] over x5921 the host 4264 of the LORD, 3068 [were] keepers 8104 z8802 of the entry. 3996
"The sonsª of Kohath;ª Amminadabª his son,ª Korahª his son,ª Assirª his son,ª ... Elkanahª his son,ª and Ebiasaphª his son,ª and Assirª his son,ª" {1Ch 6:22-23}
"And the sonsª of Eliab;ª Nemuel,ª and Dathan,ª and Abiram.ª This¹ [is that] Dathanª and Abiram,ª [which were] famousª²° in the congregation,ª who¹ stroveª° against¹ Mosesª and against¹ Aaronª in the companyª of Korah,ª when they stroveª° against¹ the LORD:ª ... Notwithstanding the childrenª of Korahª diedª° not.¹" {Num 26:9-11} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° Maschil,ª° for the sonsª of Korah.]]ª As the hartª pantethª° after¹ the waterª brooks,ª so¹ pantethª° my soulª after¹ thee, O God.ª" {Psa 42:1} + "[[To the chief Musicianª° for the sonsª of Korah,ª Maschil.]]ª° We have heardª° with our ears,ª O God,ª our fathersª have toldª° us, [what] workª thou didstª° in their days,ª in the timesª of old.ª" {Psa 44:1} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª for the sonsª of Korah.]]ª Hearª° this,¹ all¹ [ye] people;ª give ear,ª° all¹ [ye] inhabitantsª° of the world:ª" {Psa 49:1} *titles
Heb. thresholds, "For¹ a dayª in thy courtsª [is] betterª than a thousand.ª¹ I had ratherª° be a doorkeeperª° in the houseª of my God,ª than to dwellª°¹ in the tentsª of wickedness.ª" {Psa 84:10} *marg.
over the host:
"And the captainsª over the hundredsª didª° according to all¹ [things] that¹ Jehoiadaª the priestª commanded:ª° and they tookª° every manª¹ his men²¹ that were to come inª° on the sabbath,ª with¹ them that should go outª° on the sabbath,ª and cameª° to¹ Jehoiadaª the priest.ª" {2Kg 11:9} + "But Jehoiadaª the priestª commandedª°¹ the captainsª of the hundreds,ª the officersª° of the host,ª and saidª° unto¹ them, Have her forthª°¹ withoutª¹¹ the ranges:ª and him that followethªª° her killª° with the sword.ª For¹ the priestª had said,ª° Let her not¹ be slainª° in the houseª of the LORD.ª" {2Kg 11:15} + "This¹ [is] the thingª that¹ ye shall do;ª° A third partª of¹ you enteringª° on the sabbath,ª of the priestsª and of the Levites,ª [shall be] portersª of the doors;ª ... And he setª°¹ all¹ the people,ª every manª having his weaponª in his hand,ª from the rightª sideª¹ of the templeª to¹ the leftª sideª of the temple,ª along by the altarª and the temple,ª by¹ the kingª round about.ª" {2Ch 23:4-10}
keepers of the entry:
"The sonsª of Shemaiah;ª Othni,ª and Rephael,ª and Obed,ª Elzabad,ª whose brethrenª [were] strong² men,ª¹ Elihu,ª and Semachiah.ª ... All¹ these¹ of the sonsª¹ of Obededom:ª they¹ and their sonsª and their brethren,ª ableª menª for strengthª for the service,ª [were] threescoreª and twoª of Obededom.ª" {1Ch 26:7-8} + "And they castª° lots,ª as well the smallª as the great,ª according to the houseª of their fathers,ª for every gate.ª ... These¹ [are] the divisionsª of the portersª among the sonsª of Kore,ª and among the sonsª of Merari.ª" {1Ch 26:13-19}

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