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{2 Kings 25:1} And it came to pass x1961 in the ninth 8671 year 8141 of his reign, 4427 z8800 in the tenth 6224 month, 2320 in the tenth 6218 [day] of the month, 2320 [that] Nebuchadnezzar 5019 king 4428 of Babylon 894 came, 935 z8804 he, x1931 and all x3605 his host, 2428 against x5921 Jerusalem, 3389 and pitched 2583 z8799 against x5921 it; and they built 1129 z8799 forts 1785 against x5921 it round about. 5439
am 3414, bc 590
in the ninth:
This according to the computation of Archbishop Usher, was on Thursday, January 30th, am 3414, which was a sabbatical year; wherein they proclaimed liberty to their servants, according to the law, but soon enthralled them again (see "[This is] the wordª that¹ came¹ unto¹ Jeremiahª from¹¹ the LORD,ª after² that¹ the kingª Zedekiahª had madeª° a covenantª with¹ all¹ the peopleª which¹ [were] at Jerusalem,ª to proclaimª° libertyª unto them; ... Now when all¹ the princes,ª and all¹ the people,ª which¹ had enteredª° into the covenant,ª heardª° that every oneª should let¹ his manservant,ª and every oneª¹ his maidservant,ª goª° free,ª that none¹ should serveª° themselves of them any more,¹ then they obeyed,ª° and let [them] go.ª°" {Jer 34:8-10}). "Therefore he broughtª° upon¹ them¹ the kingª of the Chaldees,ª who slewª° their young menª with the swordª in the houseª of their sanctuary,ª and had no compassionª°¹ upon¹ young manª or maiden,ª old man,ª or him that stooped for age:ª he gaveª° [them] all¹ into his hand.ª ... To fulfilª° the wordª of the LORDª by the mouthª of Jeremiah,ª until¹ the landª had enjoyedª°¹ her sabbaths:ª [for] as long asª¹ she lay desolateª° she kept sabbath,ª° to fulfilª° threescore and tenª years.ª" {2Ch 36:17-21} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª the Godª of Israel;ª Goª° and speakª° to¹ Zedekiahª kingª of Judah,ª and tellª°¹ him, Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Behold,¹ I will giveª°¹ this¹ cityª into the handª of the kingª of Babylon,ª and he shall burnª° it with fire:ª" {Jer 34:2} + "And thou¹ shalt not¹ escape¹ out²° of his hand,ª¹ but¹ shalt surely²° be taken,ª° and deliveredª° into his hand;ª and thine eyesª shall beholdª°¹ the eyesª of the kingª of Babylon,ª and he shall speakª° with¹ thee mouthª to mouth,ª and thou shalt goª° to Babylon.ª ... Then Jeremiahª the prophetª spakeª°¹ all¹ these¹ wordsª unto¹ Zedekiahª kingª of Judahª in Jerusalem,ª" {Jer 34:3-6} + "In the ninthª yearª of Zedekiahª kingª of Judah,ª in the tenthª month,ª cameª° Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylonª and all¹ his armyª against¹ Jerusalem,ª and they besiegedª° it. ... But Nebuzaradanª the captainª of the guardª leftª° of the poorª of¹ the people,ª which¹ had nothing,ª¹ in the landª of Judah,ª and gaveª° them vineyardsª and fieldsª at the same¹ time.ª" {Jer 39:1-10} + "And it came to pass¹ in the ninthª yearª of his reign,ª° in the tenthª month,ª in the tenthª [day] of the month,ª [that] Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylonª came,ª° he¹ and all¹ his army,ª against¹ Jerusalem,ª and pitchedª° against¹ it, and builtª° fortsª against¹ it round about.ª" {Jer 52:4} + "So²° the cityª was besiegedª¹ unto¹ the eleventhªª yearª of kingª Zedekiah.ª ... Then he put outª° the eyesª of Zedekiah;ª and the kingª of Babylonª boundª° him in chains,ª and carriedª° him to Babylon,ª and putª° him in prisonªª till¹ the dayª of his death.ª" {Jer 52:5-11} + "Again in the ninthª year,ª in the tenthª month,ª in the tenthª [day] of the month,ª the wordª of the LORDª came¹ unto¹ me, saying,ª°" {Ezk 24:1} + "Sonª of man,ª writeª° thee¹ the nameª of the day,ª¹ [even] of this¹ sameª day:ª the kingª of Babylonª setª° himself against¹ Jerusalemª this¹ sameª day.ª ... I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° [it]: it shall come to pass,ª° and I will doª° [it]; I will not¹ go back,ª° neither¹ will I spare,ª° neither¹ will I repent;ª° according to thy ways,ª and according to thy doings,ª shall they judgeª° thee, saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 24:2-14}
"In his daysª Nebuchadnezzarª kingª of Babylonª came up,ª° and Jehoiakimª became¹ his servantª threeª years:ª then he turnedª° and rebelledª° against him." {2Kg 24:1} + "At that¹ timeª the servantsª of Nebuchadnezzarª kingª of Babylonª came upª° against Jerusalem,ª and the cityª was besieged.ªª°" {2Kg 24:10} + "And Jehozadakª wentª° [into captivity], when the LORDª carried awayª°¹ Judahª and Jerusalemª by the handª of Nebuchadnezzar.ª" {1Ch 6:15} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] the nationª and kingdomª which¹ will not¹ serveª° the same¹ Nebuchadnezzarª the kingª of Babylon,ª and that¹ will not¹ putª°¹ their neckª under the yokeª of the kingª of Babylon,ª that¹ nationª will I punish,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª with the sword,ª and with the famine,ª and with the pestilence,ª until¹ I have consumedª° them by his hand.ª" {Jer 27:8} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Behold,¹ I will giveª°¹ this¹ cityª into the handª of the Chaldeans,ª and into the handª of Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylon,ª and he shall takeª° it:" {Jer 32:28} + "And sayª° unto¹ them, Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel;ª Behold,¹ I will sendª° and takeª°¹ Nebuchadrezzarª the kingª of Babylon,ª my servant,ª and will setª° his throneª uponª¹ these¹ stonesª that¹ I have hid;ª° and he shall spreadª°¹ his royal pavilionª over¹ them." {Jer 43:10} + "Nebuchadrezzarª the kingª of Babylonª hath devouredª° me, he hath crushedª° me, he hath madeª° me an emptyª vessel,ª he hath swallowed me upª° like a dragon,ª he hath filledª° his bellyª with my delicates,ª¹ he hath cast me out.ª°" {Jer 51:34} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I will bringª° upon¹ Tyrusª Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylon,ª a kingª of kings,ª from the north,ª¹ with horses,ª and with chariots,ª and with horsemen,ª and companies,ª and muchª people.ª" {Ezk 26:7}, Nebuchadrezzar, "Nebuchadnezzarª the king,ª unto allª people,ª nations,ª and languages,ª that¹ dwellª° in allª the earth;ª Peaceª be multipliedª° unto you. ... Thisª dreamª Iª kingª Nebuchadnezzarª have seen.ª° Now thou,ª O Belteshazzar,ª declareª° the interpretationª thereof, forasmuch asª¹¹ allª the wiseª [men] of my kingdomª are not² ableª°¹ to make knownª° unto me the interpretation:ª but thouª [art] able;ª° for¹ the spiritª of the holyª godsª [is] in thee." {Dan 4:1-18}
"And I will campª° against¹ thee round about,ª and will lay siegeª° against¹ thee with a mount,ª and I will raiseª° fortsª against¹ thee." {Isa 29:3} + "Behold¹ the mounts,ª they are comeª° unto the cityª to takeª° it; and the cityª is givenª° into the handª of the Chaldeans,ª that fightª° against¹ it, becauseª¹ of the sword,ª and of the famine,ª and of the pestilence:ª and what¹ thou hast spokenª° is come to pass;¹ and, behold,¹ thou seestª° [it]." {Jer 32:24} + "Thou¹ also, sonª of man,ª takeª° thee a tile,ª and layª° it beforeª thee, and pourtrayª° upon¹ it the city,ª [even]¹ Jerusalem:ª ... And, behold,¹ I will layª° bandsª upon¹ thee, and thou shalt not¹ turnª° thee from one sideª¹ to¹ another,ª till¹ thou hast endedª° the daysª of thy siege.ª" {Ezk 4:1-8} + "At his right handª was¹ the divinationª for Jerusalem,ª to appointª° captains,ª to openª° the mouthª in the slaughter,ª to lift upª° the voiceª with shouting,ª to appointª° [battering] ramsª against¹ the gates,ª to castª° a mount,ª [and] to buildª° a fort.ª ... Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Because¹ ye have made your iniquityª to be remembered,ª° in that your transgressionsª are discovered,ª° so that in all¹ your doingsª your sinsª do appear;ª° because,¹ [I say], that ye are come to remembrance,ª° ye shall be takenª° with the hand.ª" {Ezk 21:22-24} + "Forª the daysª shall comeª° uponª thee,ª thatª thineª enemiesª shall cast²° a trench² aboutª°¹ thee,²¹ andª compass²° thee² round,ª°¹ andª keep²° thee² inª°¹ on every side,ª ... Andª shall lay²° thee² even with the ground,ª°¹ andª thyª childrenª withinª thee;ª andª they shall²° notª leaveª° inª theeª one stone² upon² another;ª¹ becauseªª thou knewestª° notª the¹ timeª of thyª visitation.ª" {Lke 19:43-44}

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