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{2 Kings 19:23} By 3027 thy messengers 4397 thou hast reproached 2778 z8765 the Lord, 136 and hast said, 559 z8799 With the multitude 7230 of my chariots 7393 z8675 I x589 am come up 5927 z8804 to the height 4791 of the mountains, 2022 to the sides 3411 of Lebanon, 3844 and will cut down 3772 z8799 the tall 6967 cedar trees 730 thereof, [and] the choice 4004 fir trees 1265 thereof: and I will enter 935 z8799 into the lodgings 4411 of his borders, 7093 [and into] the forest 3293 of his Carmel. 3760
Heb. By the hand of
"And the kingª of Assyriaª sentª°¹ Tartanª and Rabsarisª and Rabshakehª from¹ Lachishª to¹ kingª Hezekiahª with a greatª hostª against Jerusalem.ª And they went upª° and cameª° to Jerusalem.ª And when they were come up,ª° they cameª° and stoodª° by the conduitª of the upperª pool,ª which¹ [is] in the highwayª of the fuller'sª° field.ª" {2Kg 18:17} + "He wroteª° also lettersª to railª° on the LORDª Godª of Israel,ª and to speakª° against¹ him, saying,ª° As the godsª of the nationsª of [other] landsª have not¹ deliveredª° their peopleª out of mine hand,ª¹ so¹ shall not¹ the Godª of Hezekiahª deliverª° his peopleª out of mine hand.ª¹" {2Ch 32:17}
With the multitude:
"Now¹ therefore, I pray thee,¹ give pledges²°¹ to¹ my lordª the kingª of Assyria,ª and I will deliverª° thee two thousandª horses,ª if¹ thou be ableª° on thy part to setª° ridersª° upon¹ them." {2Kg 18:23} + "Hath anyª of the godsª of the nationsª delivered²° at allª°¹ his landª out of the handª¹ of the kingª of Assyria?ª ... Where¹ [are] the godsª of Hamath,ª and of Arpad?ª where¹ [are] the godsª of Sepharvaim,ª Hena,ª and Ivah?ª have they deliveredª°¹ Samariaª out of mine hand?ª¹" {2Kg 18:33-34} + "Some¹ [trust] in chariots,ª and some¹ in horses:ª but we¹ will rememberª° the nameª of the LORDª our God.ª" {Psa 20:7} + "Howbeit he¹ meanethª° not¹ so,¹ neither¹ doth his heartª thinkª° so;¹ but¹ [it is] in his heartª to destroyª° and cut offª° nationsª not¹ a few.ª ... Shall I not,¹ as¹ I have doneª° unto Samariaª and her idols,ª so¹ doª° to Jerusalemª and her idols?ª" {Isa 10:7-11} + "And my handª hath foundª° as a nestª the richesª of the people:ª and as one gatherethª° eggsª [that are] left,ª° have I¹ gatheredª° all¹ the earth;ª and there was¹ none¹ that movedª° the wing,ª or openedª° the mouth,ª or peeped.ª°" {Isa 10:14} + "Byª thy servantsª hast thou reproachedª° the Lord,ª and hast said,ª° By the multitudeª of my chariotsª am I¹ come upª° to the heightª of the mountains,ª to the sidesª of Lebanon;ª and I will cut downª° the tallª cedarsª thereof, [and] the choiceª fir treesª thereof: and I will enterª° into the heightª of his border,ª [and] the forestª of his Carmel.²¹ ... I¹ have digged,ª° and drunkª° water;ª and with the soleª of my feetª have I dried upª° all¹ the riversª of the besieged places.ª" {Isa 37:24-25} + "Behold,¹ the Assyrianª [was] a cedarª in Lebanonª with fairª branches,ª and with a shadowingª° shroud,ª and of an highª stature;ª and his topª was¹ among¹ the thick boughs.ª ... To¹ whom¹ art thou thus likeª°¹ in gloryª and in greatnessª among the treesª of Eden?ª yet shalt thou be brought downª° with¹ the treesª of Edenª unto¹ the nether partsª of the earth:ª thou shalt lieª° in the midstª of the uncircumcisedª with¹ [them that be] slainª by the sword.ª This¹ [is] Pharaohª and all¹ his multitude,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 31:3-18}
tall cedar trees thereof:
Heb. tallness of the cedar-trees thereof. the forest of his Carmel. or, the forest, and his fruitful field.

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