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{2 Kings 19:18} And have cast 5414 z8804 x853 their gods 430 into the fire: 784 for x3588 they x1992 [were] no x3808 gods, 430 but x3588 x518 the work 4639 of men's 120 hands, 3027 wood 6086 and stone: 68 therefore they have destroyed 6 z8762 them.
have cast:
Heb. have given, "And there¹ they leftª°¹ their images,ª and Davidª and his men²¹ burnedª° them." {2Sm 5:21} + "Belª boweth down,ª° Neboª stoopeth,ª° their idolsª were¹ upon the beasts,ª and upon the cattle:ª your carriagesª [were] heavy loaden;ª° [they are] a burdenª to the wearyª [beast]. ... They stoop,ª° they bow downª° together;ª they couldª° not¹ deliverª° the burden,ª but themselvesª are goneª° into captivity.ª" {Isa 46:1-2}
for they were:
"Their idolsª [are] silverª and gold,ª the workª of men'sª hands.ª ... They that makeª° them are¹ like unto them;¹ [so is] every one¹ that¹ trustethª° in them." {Psa 115:4-8} + "Of a truth,ª LORD,ª the kingsª of Assyriaª have laid wasteª°¹ all¹ the nations,ª and their countries,ª ... And have castª°¹ their godsª into the fire:ª for¹ they¹ [were] no¹ gods,ª but¹¹ the workª of men'sª hands,ª woodª and stone:ª therefore they have destroyedª° them." {Isa 37:18-19} + "They that makeª° a graven imageª [are] all¹ of them vanity;ª and their delectable thingsª° shall not¹ profit;ª° and they¹ [are] their own witnesses;ª they seeª° not,¹ nor¹ know;ª° that¹ they may be ashamed.ª° ... He feedethª° on ashes:ª a deceivedª° heartª hath turned him aside,ª° that he cannot¹ deliverª°¹ his soul,ª nor¹ say,ª° [Is there] not¹ a lieª in my right hand?ª" {Isa 44:9-20} + "For¹ the customsª of the peopleª [are] vain:ª for¹ [one] cuttethª° a treeª out of the forest,ª¹ the workª of the handsª of the workman,ª with the axe.ª ... Silverª spread into platesª° is broughtª° from Tarshish,ª¹ and goldª from Uphaz,ª¹ the workª of the workman,ª and of the handsª of the founder:ª° blueª and purpleª [is] their clothing:ª they [are] all¹ the workª of cunningª [men]." {Jer 10:3-9} + "Every¹ manª is brutishª° in [his] knowledge:ª¹ every¹ founderª° is confoundedª° by the graven image:ª¹ for¹ his molten imageª [is] falsehood,ª and [there is] no¹ breathª in them. ... The portionª of Jacobª [is] not¹ like them:¹ for¹ he¹ [is] the formerª° of all¹ [things]; and Israelª [is] the rodª of his inheritance:ª The LORDª of hostsª [is] his name.ª" {Jer 10:14-16} + "Forasmuch thenª as we areª° the offspringª of God,ª we oughtª° notª to thinkª° that the¹ Godheadª isª° like² unto¹ gold,ª orª silver,ª orª stone,ª gravenª by artª andª man'sª device.ª" {Act 17:29}

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