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{2 Kings 19:4} It may be 194 the LORD 3068 thy God 430 will hear 8085 z8799 x853 all x3605 the words 1697 of Rabshakeh, 7262 whom x834 the king 4428 of Assyria 804 his master 113 hath sent 7971 z8804 to reproach 2778 z8763 the living 2416 God; 430 and will reprove 3198 z8689 the words 1697 which x834 the LORD 3068 thy God 430 hath heard: 8085 z8804 wherefore lift up 5375 z8804 [thy] prayer 8605 for x1157 the remnant 7611 that are left. 4672 z8737
"And Abrahamª calledª° the nameª of that¹ placeª Jehovahjireh:ª asª it is saidª° [to] this day,ª In the mountª of the LORDª it shall be seen.ª°" {Gen 22:14} + "For¹ the LORDª shall judgeª° his people,ª and repent²° himself¹ for¹ his servants,ª when¹ he seethª° that¹ [their] powerª is gone,ª° and [there is] noneª shut up,ª° or left.ª°" {Deu 32:36} + "Now¹ therefore giveª° me¹ this¹ mountain,ª whereof¹ the LORDª spakeª° in that¹ day;ª for¹ thou¹ heardestª° in that¹ dayª how¹ the Anakimsª [were] there,¹ and [that] the citiesª [were] greatª [and] fenced:ª° if¹ so be² the LORDª [will be] withª me, then I shall be able to drive them out,ª° as¹ the LORDª said.ª°" {Jsh 14:12} + "And Jonathanª saidª° to¹ the young manª that bareª° his armour,ª Come,²°¹ and let us go overª° unto¹ the garrisonª of these¹ uncircumcised:ª it may be that¹ the LORDª will workª° for us: for¹ [there is] no¹ restraintª to the LORDª to saveª° by manyª or¹ by few.ª" {1Sm 14:6} + "It may be¹ that the LORDª will lookª° on mine affliction,ª²° and that the LORDª will requiteª° me goodª for¹ his cursingª this¹ day.ª" {2Sm 16:12}
whom the king:
"And the kingª of Assyriaª sentª°¹ Tartanª and Rabsarisª and Rabshakehª from¹ Lachishª to¹ kingª Hezekiahª with a greatª hostª against Jerusalem.ª And they went upª° and cameª° to Jerusalem.ª And when they were come up,ª° they cameª° and stoodª° by the conduitª of the upperª pool,ª which¹ [is] in the highwayª of the fuller'sª° field.ª ... Who¹ [are] they among all¹ the godsª of the countries,ª that¹ have deliveredª°¹ their countryª out of mine hand,ª¹ that¹ the LORDª should deliverª°¹ Jerusalemª out of mine hand?ª¹" {2Kg 18:17-35}
"¹ Whom¹ hast thou reproachedª° and blasphemed?ª° and against¹ whom¹ hast thou exaltedª° [thy] voice,ª and lifted upª° thine eyesª on high?ª [even] against¹ the Holyª [One] of Israel.ª" {2Kg 19:22} + "Then saidª° Davidª to¹ the Philistine,ª Thou¹ comestª° to¹ me with a sword,ª and with a spear,ª and with a shield:ª but I¹ comeª° to¹ thee in the nameª of the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of the armiesª of Israel,ª whom¹ thou hast defied.ª°" {1Sm 17:45} + "These¹ [things] hast thou done,ª° and I kept silence;ª° thou thoughtestª° that I was¹ altogetherª° [such an one] as thyself:¹ [but] I will reproveª° thee, and set [them] in orderª° before thine eyes.ª" {Psa 50:21} + "Rememberª° this,¹ [that] the enemyª° hath reproached,ª° O LORD,ª and [that] the foolishª peopleª have blasphemedª° thy name.ª" {Psa 74:18}
lift up:
"And for¹ this¹ [cause] Hezekiahª the king,ª and the prophetª Isaiahª the sonª of Amoz,ª prayedª° and criedª° to heaven.ª" {2Ch 32:20} + "And call²° upon¹ me in the dayª of trouble:ª I will deliverª° thee, and thou shalt glorifyª° me." {Psa 50:15} + "Callª° unto¹ me, and I will answerª° thee, and shewª° thee greatª and mighty¹ things,²° which thou knowestª° not.¹" {Jer 33:3} + "Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª I will yet¹ [for] this¹ be enquired²° of¹ by the houseª of Israel,ª to doª° [it] for them; I will increaseª° them with menª like a flock.ª" {Ezk 36:37} + "Esaiasª alsoª criethª° concerningª Israel,ª Thoughª the¹ numberª of the¹ childrenª of Israelª beª° asª the¹ sandª of the¹ sea,ª a remnantª shall be saved:ª°" {Rom 9:27} + "Confessª° [your] faultsª one to another,ª andª prayª° one²° for² another,ª¹ thatª ye may be healed.ª° The effectual ferventª° prayerª of a righteous manª availethª° much.ª ... Eliasª wasª° a manª subject to like passions¹ as² we¹ are,² andª he prayed²° earnestlyª¹ that it might²° notª rain:ª° andª it rainedª° notª onª the¹ earthª by the space of threeª yearsª andª sixª months.ª" {Jms 5:16-17}
the remnant:
"Then the kingª of Assyriaª came upª° throughout all¹ the land,ª and went upª° to Samaria,ª and besiegedª°¹ it threeª years.ª ... In the ninthª yearª of Hosheaª the kingª of Assyriaª tookª°¹ Samaria,ª and carried²° Israel² awayª°¹¹ into Assyria,ª and placedª° them in Halahª and in Haborª [by] the riverª of Gozan,ª and in the citiesª of the Medes.ª" {2Kg 17:5-6} + "Now in the fourteenthªª yearª of kingª Hezekiahª did Sennacheribª kingª of Assyriaª come upª° against¹ all¹ the fencedª° citiesª of Judah,ª and tookª° them." {2Kg 18:13} + "Wherefore the LORDª his Godª deliveredª° him into the handª of the kingª of Syria;ª and they smoteª° him, and carried awayª° a great¹ multitude² of¹ them captives,ª and broughtª° [them] to Damascus.ª And he was also¹ deliveredª° into the handª of the kingª of Israel,ª who smoteª° him with a greatª slaughter.ª ... For Pekahª the sonª of Remaliahª slewª° in Judahª an hundredª and twentyª thousandª in oneª day,ª [which were] all¹ valiant² men;ª¹ because they had forsakenª°¹ the LORDª Godª of their fathers.ª" {2Ch 28:5-6} + "Now therefore,¹ behold,¹ the Lordª bringeth upª° upon¹ them¹ the watersª of the river,ª strongª and many,ª [even]¹ the kingª of Assyria,ª and all¹ his glory:ª and he shall come upª° over¹ all¹ his channels,ª and go¹ over²°¹ all¹ his banks:ª ... And he shall passª° through Judah;ª he shall overflowª° and go over,ª° he shall reachª° [even] to¹ the neck;ª and the stretching outª of his wingsª shall fillª the breadthª of thy land,ª O Immanuel.ª²" {Isa 8:7-8} + "I will sendª° him against an hypocriticalª nation,ª and against¹ the peopleª of my wrathª will I give him a charge,ª° to takeª° the spoil,ª and to takeª° the prey,ª and to tread them downª²° like the mireª of the streets.ª" {Isa 10:6}
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