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{2 Kings 17:37} And the statutes, 2706 and the ordinances, 4941 and the law, 8451 and the commandment, 4687 which x834 he wrote 3789 z8804 for you, ye shall observe 8104 z8799 to do 6213 z8800 for evermore; 3117 x3605 and ye shall not x3808 fear 3372 z8799 other 312 gods. 430
the statutes:
"Therefore shall ye observeª°¹ all¹ my statutes,ª and all¹ my judgments,ª and doª° them: I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Lev 19:37} + "And this¹ [is] the lawª which¹ Mosesª setª° beforeª the childrenª of Israel:ª ... These¹ [are] the testimonies,ª and the statutes,ª and the judgments,ª which¹ Mosesª spakeª° unto¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª after they came forthª° out of Egypt,ª¹" {Deu 4:44-45} + "But as for thee,¹ standª° thou here¹ by¹ me,² and I will speakª° unto¹ thee¹ all¹ the commandments,ª and the statutes,ª and the judgments,ª which¹ thou shalt teachª° them, that they may doª° [them] in the landª which¹ I¹ giveª° them to possessª° it. ... Ye shall walk²°¹ in all¹ the waysª which¹ the LORDª your Godª hath commandedª° you, that¹ ye may live,ª° and [that it may be] wellª° with you, and [that] ye may prolongª° [your] daysª in the landª which¹ ye shall possess.ª°" {Deu 5:31-33} + "Now these¹ [are] the commandments,ª the statutes,ª and the judgments,ª which¹ the LORDª your Godª commandedª° to teachª° you, that ye might doª° [them] in the landª whither¹¹ ye¹ goª° to possessª° it: ... That¹ thou mightest fearª°¹ the LORDª thy God,ª to keepª°¹ all¹ his statutesª and his commandments,ª which¹ I¹ commandª° thee, thou,¹ and thy son,ª and thy son'sª son,ª all¹ the daysª of thy life;ª and that¹ thy daysª may be prolonged.ª°" {Deu 6:1-2} + "¹ What thing² soever¹¹¹ I¹ commandª° you, observeª° to doª° it: thou shalt not¹ addª° thereto,¹ nor¹ diminishª° from¹ it." {Deu 12:32} + "And giveª° unto Solomonª my sonª a perfectª heart,ª to keepª° thy commandments,ª thy testimonies,ª and thy statutes,ª and to doª° all¹ [these things], and to buildª° the palace,ª [for] the which¹ I have made provision.ª°" {1Ch 29:19} + "The statutesª of the LORDª [are] right,ª rejoicingª° the heart:ª the commandmentª of the LORDª [is] pure,ª enlighteningª° the eyes.ª ... Moreover¹ by them is thy servantª warned:ª° [and] in keepingª° of them [there is] greatª reward.ª" {Psa 19:8-11} + "And gaveª° them the landsª of the heathen:ª and they inheritedª° the labourª of the people;ª ... That¹ they might observeª° his statutes,ª and keepª° his laws.ª Praiseª° ye the LORD.ª" {Psa 105:44-45}
wrote for you:
"And Mosesª wroteª°¹ this¹ law,ª and deliveredª° it unto¹ the priestsª the sonsª of Levi,ª which bareª°¹ the arkª of the covenantª of the LORD,ª and unto¹ all¹ the eldersª of Israel.ª" {Deu 31:9} + "When all¹ Israelª is comeª° to appearª°¹ beforeª the LORDª thy Godª in the placeª which¹ he shall choose,ª° thou shalt readª°¹ this¹ lawª before¹ all¹ Israelª in their hearing.ª" {Deu 31:11} + "Thou camest downª° also upon¹ mountª Sinai,ª and spakestª° with¹ them from heaven,ª¹ and gavestª° them rightª judgments,ª and trueª laws,ª goodª statutesª and commandments:ª ... And madest knownª° unto them thy holyª sabbath,ª and commandedstª° them precepts,ª statutes,ª and laws,ª by the handª of Mosesª thy servant:ª" {Neh 9:13-14}
and ye shall not:
"With¹ whom the LORDª had madeª° a covenant,ª and chargedª° them, saying,ª° Ye shall not¹ fearª° otherª gods,ª nor¹ bow²° yourselves¹ to them, nor¹ serveª° them, nor¹ sacrificeª° to them:" {2Kg 17:35}

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