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{2 Kings 17:34} Unto x5704 this x2088 day 3117 they x1992 do 6213 z8802 after the former 7223 manners: 4941 they fear y3373 x3372 not x369 x853 the LORD, 3068 neither x369 do 6213 z8802 they after their statutes, 2708 or after their ordinances, 4941 or after the law 8451 and commandment 4687 which x834 the LORD 3068 commanded 6680 z8765 x853 the children 1121 of Jacob, 3290 whom x834 he named 7760 8034 z8804 Israel; 3478
fear not:
"And [so] it was¹ at the beginningª of their dwellingª° there,¹ [that] they fearedª° not¹¹ the LORD:ª therefore the LORDª sentª°¹ lionsª among them, which slewª° [some] of them." {2Kg 17:25} + "Then the kingª of Assyriaª commanded,ª° saying,ª° Carry²°¹ thither¹ oneª of the priestsª¹ whom¹ ye broughtª° from thence;¹¹ and let them go²°¹ and dwellª° there,¹ and let him teachª° them¹ the mannerª of the Godª of the land.ª ... Then oneª of the priestsª¹ whom¹ they had carried awayª° from Samariaª¹ cameª° and dweltª° in Bethel,ª and taughtª° them how¹ they should fearª°¹ the LORD.ª" {2Kg 17:27-28} + "They feared²¹¹¹ the LORD,ª and servedª°¹ their own gods,ª after the mannerª of the nationsª whom¹¹ they carried awayª° from thence.¹¹" {2Kg 17:33}
whom he named Israel:
"And he said,ª° Thy nameª shall be calledª° no¹ more¹ Jacob,ª but¹¹ Israel:ª for¹ as a prince hast thou powerª° with¹ Godª and with¹ men,²¹ and hast prevailed.ª°" {Gen 32:28} + "And he erectedª° there¹ an altar,ª and called¹ it²° Elelohe-Israel.ª" {Gen 33:20} + "And Godª saidª° unto him, Thy nameª [is] Jacob:ª thy nameª shall not¹ be calledª° any more¹ Jacob,ª but¹¹ Israelª shall be¹ thy name:ª and he calledª°¹ his nameª Israel.ª" {Gen 35:10} + "And he saidª° to Jeroboam,ª Takeª° thee tenª pieces:ª for¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª the Godª of Israel,ª Behold,¹ I will rendª°¹ the kingdomª out of the handª¹ of Solomon,ª and will giveª°¹ tenª tribesª to thee:" {1Kg 11:31} + "And now¹ thou¹ sayest,ª° Go,²°¹ tellª° thy lord,ª Behold,¹ Elijahª [is here]." {1Kg 18:11} + "Hearª° ye this,¹ O houseª of Jacob,ª which are calledª° by the nameª of Israel,ª and are come forthª° out of the watersª¹ of Judah,ª which swearª° by the nameª of the LORD,ª and make mentionª° of the Godª of Israel,ª [but] not¹ in truth,ª nor¹ in righteousness.ª" {Isa 48:1}

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