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{2 Kings 8:9} So Hazael 2371 went y3212 z8799 x1980 to meet y7125 z8800 x7122 him, and took 3947 z8799 a present 4503 with x3027 him, y3027 even of every x3605 good thing 2898 of Damascus, 1834 forty 705 camels' 1581 burden, 4853 and came 935 z8799 and stood 5975 z8799 before 6440 him, and said, 559 z8799 Thy son 1121 Benhadad 1130 king 4428 of Syria 758 hath sent 7971 z8804 me to x413 thee, saying, 559 z8800 Shall I recover 2421 z8799 of this disease? 2483 x4480 x2088
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ him, Go,²°¹ returnª° on thy wayª to the wildernessª of Damascus:ª and when thou comest,ª° anointª°¹ Hazaelª [to be] kingª over¹ Syria:ª" {1Kg 19:15}
with him:
Heb. in his hand, "And the kingª of Syriaª said,ª° Go to,²°¹ go,ª° and I will sendª° a letterª unto¹ the kingª of Israel.ª And he departed,²°¹ and tookª° with¹ him² tenª talentsª of silver,ª and sixª thousandª [pieces] of gold,ª and tenª changesª of raiment.ª" {2Kg 5:5}
Thy son Benhadad:
"And the kingª of Israelª saidª° unto¹ Elisha,ª when he sawª° them, My father,ª shall I smiteª° [them]? shall I smiteª° [them]?" {2Kg 6:21} + "Now Elishaª was fallen sickª° of¹ his sicknessª whereof¹ he died.ª° And Joashª the kingª of Israelª came downª° unto¹ him, and weptª° over¹ his face,ª and said,ª° O my father,ª my father,ª the chariotª of Israel,ª and the horsemenª thereof." {2Kg 13:14} + "So Ahazª sentª° messengersª to¹ Tiglathpileserª kingª of Assyria,ª saying,ª° I¹ [am] thy servantª and thy son:ª come up,ª° and saveª° me out of the handª¹ of the kingª of Syria,ª and out of the handª¹ of the kingª of Israel,ª which rise upª° against¹ me." {2Kg 16:7} + "Askª°¹ thy young men,ª and they will shewª° thee. Wherefore let the young menª findª° favourª in thine eyes:ª for¹ we comeª° in¹ a goodª day:ª give,ª° I pray thee,¹¹ whatsoever¹ comethª° to thine handª unto thy servants,ª and to thy sonª David.ª" {1Sm 25:8} + "Butª withoutª thyª mindª wouldª° I doª° nothing;ª that²°¹ thyª benefitª should²° not²¹ beª° as² it were¹ ofª necessity,ª butª willingly.ªª" {Phm 1:14}

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