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{2 Kings 8:7} And Elisha 477 came 935 z8799 to Damascus; 1834 and Benhadad 1130 the king 4428 of Syria 758 was sick; 2470 z8802 and it was told 5046 z8714 him, saying, 559 z8800 The man 376 of God 430 is come 935 z8804 hither. 2008 x5704
"And this¹ [is] the blessing,ª wherewith¹ Mosesª the manª of Godª blessedª°¹ the childrenª of Israelª beforeª his death.ª" {Deu 33:1} + "And, behold,¹ there cameª° a manª of Godª out of Judahª¹ by the wordª of the LORDª unto¹ Bethel:ª and Jeroboamª stoodª° by¹ the altarª to burn incense.ª°" {1Kg 13:1}
"And he divided²° himself¹ against¹ them, he¹ and his servants,ª by night,ª and smoteª° them, and pursuedª° them unto¹ Hobah,ª which¹ [is] on the left handª¹ of Damascus.ª" {Gen 14:15} + "And he gatheredª° men²¹ unto¹ him, and became¹ captainª over a band,ª when Davidª slewª° them [of Zobah]: and they went²°¹ to Damascus,ª and dweltª° therein, and reignedª° in Damascus.ª" {1Kg 11:24} + "For¹ the headª of Syriaª [is] Damascus,ª and the headª of Damascusª [is] Rezin;ª and within¹ threescoreª and fiveª yearsª shall Ephraimª be broken,²°¹ that it be not a people.ª¹" {Isa 7:8}
"And it came to pass¹ after¹ this,²¹ that Benhadadª kingª of Syriaª gatheredª°¹ all¹ his host,ª and went up,ª° and besiegedª°¹ Samaria.ª" {2Kg 6:24} + "Then Asaª tookª°¹ all¹ the silverª and the goldª [that were] leftª° in the treasuresª of the houseª of the LORD,ª and the treasuresª of the king'sª house,ª and deliveredª° them into the handª of his servants:ª and kingª Asaª sentª° them to¹ Benhadad,ª the sonª of Tabrimon,ª the sonª of Hezion,ª kingª of Syria,ª that dweltª° at Damascus,ª saying,ª°" {1Kg 15:18} + "And Benhadadª the kingª of Syriaª gathered²° all his host² together:ª°¹¹¹ and [there were] thirtyª and twoª kingsª with¹ him, and horses,ª and chariots:ª and he went upª° and besiegedª°¹ Samaria,ª and warredª° against it." {1Kg 20:1} + "And [Benhadad] saidª° unto¹ him, The cities,ª which¹ my fatherª tookª° from¹¹ thy father,ª I will restore;ª° and thou shalt makeª° streetsª for thee in Damascus,ª as¹ my fatherª madeª° in Samaria.ª Then [said Ahab], I¹ will send thee awayª° with this covenant.ª So he madeª° a covenantª with him, and sent him away.ª°" {1Kg 20:34}
The man of God:
"Then the king² sentª° unto¹ him a captainª of fiftyª with his fifty.ª And he went upª° to¹ him: and, behold,¹ he satª° on¹ the topª of an hill.ª And he spakeª° unto¹ him, Thou manª of God,ª the kingª hath said,ª° Come down.ª° ... And Elijahª answeredª° and saidª° to¹ the captainª of fifty,ª If¹ I¹ [be] a manª of God,ª then let fireª come downª° from¹ heaven,ª and consumeª° thee and thy fifty.ª And there came downª° fireª from¹ heaven,ª and consumedª° him and his fifty.ª" {2Kg 1:9-10} + "And when the sonsª of the prophetsª which¹ [were] to view¹¹ at Jerichoª sawª° him, they said,ª° The spiritª of Elijahª doth restª° on¹ Elisha.ª And they cameª° to meetª° him, and bowed²° themselves¹ to the groundª before him." {2Kg 2:15} + "And oneª of his servantsª¹ said,ª° None,¹ my lord,ª O king:ª but¹ Elisha,ª the prophetª that¹ [is] in Israel,ª tellethª° the kingª of Israelª¹ the wordsª that¹ thou speakestª° in thy bedchamber.ªª" {2Kg 6:12}
is come:
"[And it was told] the Gazites,ª saying,ª° Samsonª is comeª° hither.¹ And they compassed¹ [him] in,²° and laid waitª° for him all¹ nightª in the gateª of the city,ª and were quietª° all¹ the night,ª saying,ª° In the morning,ª when¹ it is day,ª we shall killª° him." {Jdg 16:2} + "Andª when they foundª° themª not,ª they drewª° Jasonª andª certainª brethrenª untoª the¹ rulers of the city,ª crying,ª°² Theseª that have turned²° the world² upside downª°¹¹ are comeª° hitherª also;ª" {Act 17:6}

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