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{2 Kings 7:16} And the people 5971 went out, 3318 z8799 and spoiled 962 z8799 x853 the tents 4264 of the Syrians. 758 So a measure 5429 of fine flour 5560 was x1961 [sold] for a shekel, 8255 and two measures 5429 of barley 8184 for a shekel, 8255 according to the word 1697 of the LORD. 3068
spoiled the tents:
"And the childrenª of Israelª returnedª° from chasingª°¹ afterª the Philistines,ª and they spoiledª°¹ their tents.ª" {1Sm 17:53} + "So the LORDª smoteª°¹ the Ethiopiansª beforeª Asa,ª and beforeª Judah;ª and the Ethiopiansª fled.ª° ... They smoteª° also¹ the tentsª of cattle,ª and carried awayª° sheepª and camelsª in abundance,ª and returnedª° to Jerusalem.ª" {2Ch 14:12-15} + "And when Jehoshaphatª and his peopleª cameª° to take awayª°¹ the spoilª of them, they foundª° among them in abundanceª both richesª with the dead bodies,ª and precious²¹ jewels,ª which they stripped offª° for themselves, more thanª they could carry away:ª and they were¹ threeª daysª in gatheringª°¹ of the spoil,ª it¹ was so much.ª" {2Ch 20:25} + "Though¹ he heap upª° silverª as the dust,ª and prepareª° raimentª as the clay;ª ... He may prepareª° [it], but the justª shall put [it] on,ª° and the innocentª shall divideª° the silver.ª" {Job 27:16-17} + "Kingsª of armiesª did flee²° apace:ª° and she that tarriedª at homeª dividedª° the spoil.ª" {Psa 68:12} + "Woeª to thee that spoilest,ª° and thou¹ [wast] not¹ spoiled;ª° and dealest treacherously,ª° and they dealt not treacherouslyª°¹ with thee! when thou shalt ceaseª° to spoil,ª° thou shalt be spoiled;ª° [and] when thou shalt make an endª° to deal treacherously,ª° they shall deal treacherouslyª° with thee." {Isa 33:1} + "And your spoilª shall be gatheredª° [like] the gatheringª of the caterpiller:ª as the running to and froª of locustsª shall he runª° upon them." {Isa 33:4} + "Thy tacklingsª are loosed;ª° they could not¹ wellª strengthenª° their mast,ª they could not¹ spreadª° the sail:ª then¹ is the preyª of a greatª spoilª divided;ª° the lameª takeª° the prey.ª" {Isa 33:23}
according to:
"Then Elishaª said,ª° Hearª° ye the wordª of the LORD;ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª To morrowª about this timeª [shall] a measureª of fine flourª [be sold] for a shekel,ª and two measuresª of barleyª for a shekel,ª in the gateª of Samaria.ª" {2Kg 7:1} + "Godª [is] not¹ a man,ª that he should lie;ª° neither the sonª of man,ª that he should repent:ª° hath he¹ said,ª° and shall he not¹ doª° [it]? or hath he spoken,ª° and shall he not¹ make it good?ª°" {Num 23:19} + "That confirmethª° the wordª of his servant,ª and performethª° the counselª of his messengers;ª that saithª° to Jerusalem,ª Thou shalt be inhabited;ª° and to the citiesª of Judah,ª Ye shall be built,ª° and I will raise upª° the decayed placesª thereof:" {Isa 44:26} + "Heavenª andª earthª shall pass away,ª° butª myª wordsª shall²° notª pass away.ª°" {Mtt 24:35}

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