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{2 Kings 7:10} So they came 935 z8799 and called 7121 z8799 unto x413 the porter 7778 of the city: 5892 and they told 5046 z8686 them, saying, 559 z8800 We came 935 z8804 to x413 the camp 4264 of the Syrians, 758 and, behold, x2009 [there was] no x369 man 376 there, x8033 neither voice 6963 of man, 120 but x3588 x518 horses 5483 tied, 631 z8803 and asses 2543 tied, 631 z8803 and the tents 168 as x834 they x1992 [were].
the porter:
"And he calledª° the porters;ª and they toldª° [it] to the king'sª houseª within.ª" {2Kg 7:11} + "And the watchmanª° sawª° anotherª manª running:ª° and the watchmanª° calledª° unto¹ the porter,ª and said,ª° Behold¹ [another] manª runningª° alone.¹ And the kingª said,ª° He¹ also¹ bringeth tidings.ª°" {2Sm 18:26} + "[[A Songª of degreesª for Solomon.]]ª Except¹¹ the LORDª buildª° the house,ª they labourª° in vainª that buildª° it: except¹¹ the LORDª keepª° the city,ª the watchmanª° wakethª° [but] in vain.ª" {Psa 127:1} + "[For the Son of man is] asª a manª taking a far journey,ª who leftª° his²¹ house,ª andª gaveª° authorityª to his²¹ servants,ª andª to every manª his²¹ work,ª andª commandedª° the¹ porterª toª watch.ª° ... Watch¹ ye²° therefore:ª forª ye knowª° notª whenª the¹ masterª of the¹ houseª cometh,ª° at even,ª orª at midnight,ª orª at the cockcrowing,ª orª in the morning:ª" {Mrk 13:34-35}
no man there:
"For the Lordª had made¹ the hostª of the Syriansª to hearª° a noiseª of chariots,ª and a noiseª of horses,ª [even] the noiseª of a greatª host:ª and they saidª° oneª to¹ another,ª Lo,¹ the kingª of Israelª hath hiredª° against¹ us¹ the kingsª of the Hittites,ª and the kingsª of the Egyptians,ª to comeª° upon¹ us. ... Wherefore they aroseª° and fledª° in the twilight,ª and leftª°¹ their tents,ª and their horses,ª and their asses,ª even the campª as¹ it¹ [was], and fledª° for¹ their life.ª" {2Kg 7:6-7}

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